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Enjoying the fire

Dove Lake

Knyvet falls

Molly the wombat

Continues to be overcast and showery. Spent some time beside the fire in the camp kitchen this morning.

Ann and David felt too cold, so packed up and moved to Strahan, on the west coast. It was 7deg warmer there.

However when they got there, rang and said the wind was blowing a gale. We will join them tomorrow.

Noel and I went to Dove Lake, didn't walk around it, and I am sure you can see why by the photo. Did do a short walk to Knyvet Falls, then back to get warm again.

Molly the wombat, lives at the Visitor Centre, she was hand raised and now would like to live inside with heating. However you can't toilet train wombats, so she isn't allowed in. ( the picture shows staff quarters) She is often at the door to the cafe trying to get in there.

Well that was all for the diary, until I had my shower in the ammenities block. There was a leaf on the side of the shower. Then I realised, the "leaf" was swinging his head around. Yes a "leech "!!!!! Glad I always wear thongs in these showers, and squashed it, but it didn't seem to want to die, so hot water on it, but by then it was a black leech on a black floor, so I was out of there. Yes I am sure I will feel itchy spots tonight!!

Love Dawn

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