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It was a foggy morning, but this is the view from our...

Straight back from our patio, the calf got close then jumped and...

Momma is coming to say enough of this, we're moving on

Okay, what could ever go wrong when your travelling the dream trip of a lifetime? Yesterday we pulled into our park for the winter... with both of us we in the 'Here for a long time' frame of mind. But then the reality hit us. Michelle had to head back to Canada for our niece's baby shower, and it seems that all the rental cars in the area were evacuated along with the arrival of hurricane Nate. After setting up camp yesterday, today we ended up having to pull up our jacks and drive back north 30 miles to a local airport where there was the last rental car for miles to be had and, of course, not at a location that would come pick you up. When we got there the reservation had been cancelled but thankfully another company had a car! Tonight Michelle is getting all her paperwork together for the flight back home. We found a cheap way to go, from small airport to small airport, Orlando - Ogdensburg. Of course someone has to come across the border to get you but if you're in Ottawa, it's an option. And thanks to our daughter for driving down to get her mother!

Now, before we left this morning, Mike took time to make friends with one of the calves in the pasture behind us. As the calf walked over he jumped and bucked, then came and sniffed Mike's hand. Then the momma came over and said enough of this! We've been told we'll be able to enjoy them every morning, Mike is trying to figure out what kind of treats to give cows.

During the next week, Michelle will travel to Whitby (just outside of Toronto) for a baby shower and then drive back to Florida with one of our cars so we have 'wheels' this winter down south. Mind you, a few weeks from now we will probably be both heading back north in the same car for the birth of our grand twins.. but that is for another blog.

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