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Mike cleaning the windows for the last time before putting the screens...

Our spot in Paradise Oaks, Bushnell. Neighbour's shed and stairs are waiting...

View from beside the pond and pasture. Disc golf hole in middle,...

After being on the road for three weeks, we've finally gotten to the end of our journey for this part of the trip. From Ottawa, through the east coast provinces, seeing family and where Michelle's family originally settled in Canada, and then taking ferries (some short, some long), we've arrived at our destination in Bushnell, Florida, Paradise Oaks RV Resort. Mike had seen this RV park on the internet, it was going through lots of upgrades over the past year and with this as our tease, we followed up on it. And we are glad we did! After driving around a bit today in the town of Bushnell to do some shopping for groceries before we parked, we think that we chose the correct place over the other parks in the area. Okay, the railway line a couple of hundred feet away (that runs 5 or 6 times a day and might be an issue), but half of the problem is solved since Mike can take his hearing aids out and then the train problem is gone for him. The Tequila store is just across the field, so if Mike is able to ride his bike, then all is good. The park is well kept, lots being built new and lots of activities. Looks like something we'll enjoy.

When we arrived at the park, it took a bit of time to get driven around the park to help us decide which spot we wanted to be ours for the next 6 months. In the end, the site we chose, has, behind us, a farm field of cows and one of the disc golf holes (the course goes around parts of the park). Right now the park is fairly empty, it will be interesting watching all the other snow birds move in.

Today was a slow setup, staying for a long time as opposed to moving on in the morning. It didn't take long before the unusual heat got to us part way through the setup and we ended up running the blender for Margaritas and Mudslides to take with us to the pool to cool down, a spot we're sure we'll use lots of over the next months.

Once set up, it was time for Michelle to start planing her trip back to Ottawa for our niece's baby shower this weekend. Now we need to book plane tickets, rental car and all the other stuff. The good news is that from Orlando, it's a direct flight to a small town just on the American side of the border to Ottawa - and it's cheap, the best part. She's excited to see our grandson, and will drive Mike's car back down to Florida. It will make this winter a bit different, having transportation. Also, we'll be able to drive back at Christmas, instead of flying.

Probably won't be posting as much over the next while, just when we do something different from the usual swim, read, walk...wouldn't want to bore you!

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