We park at Bay 6 and wait for technicians to invite us...

Bay 6 awaits

a look down the street of the RV park.

We have our usual evening gathering ....

The process for getting factory service here in Red Bay at Tiffin Motorhomes Service Center is really quite simple, drive up, sign up and wait a few days for your number to float to the top of the list. We discovered at the time that we signed up for the Tiffin campground we were also being given a customer number for the service bays. We filled out our "dream sheet" with 5 items on it that needed attention. It's good right here to mention, each work bay has two technicians in it to do your work. Our guys in bay 6 was Ken and Jeff, fabulous guys. Then our technicians in bay 40, the Mechanics was another 5 guys. The five items included, Bed room slide stuck in, bathroom mirrors discolored need new ones, bay doors needed adjusting, trade out 1 air conditioner for 1 air/heat pump combo, install new parts on recall for towing hitch, left parking lights won't work, recertify leveling sensor.

Back a few stops, our bed room slide got stuck inward, thankfully it wasn't stuck outward. but this meant we couldn't get to most of our clothes which were in drawers covered up by the foot of the bed. We bought new sets of undies, socks etc and have been getting by since like that.

The final, assessment was we had our coach worked on for one and a half days by these factory guys who know our coach very well. As it turns out the bed room slide came right out as the technician pushed the button! He did some mojo move to "reset" the computer for the two motors to sync themselves. I asked the tech to show me, now I know how. With the combination of complaints of bay doors not lining up and a rise in the floor with associated creaks, the tech got underneath the coach and found no less than 8 broken welds on support brackets that hold portions of the body off the frame. Once the frame supports got aligned and welded, everything else fell into place just like new! The crew of guys worked for four hours on the prepping, aligning and welding. At the end of one and a half days our coach is level, straight, heat pump is terrific, mirrors are clean terrific, the parking lights work. All for just a little over $1,000.00 parts, labor! Wow! were we pleasantly floored... Thank You TIFFIN Motorhomes for a fine company.

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