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After the typical miserable transatlantic flight in economy, I arrived in Los Angeles on October 4, 2017. I drove to San Diego and Bear nuzzled me. He and I are visiting with everyone until the 15th when I will fly to Santiago, Chile. There, I will spend 3 nights trying to somewhat acclimate to the time change and I will provision my car with some necessities. A cooler, food, lots of water, Gatorade, a spare gas can, paper goods and wipes, a towel, first aid kit, a flashlight with extra batteries, matches, a lighter, SIM card, lots of cash (credit cards generally are not accepted), duct tape, and a blanket. Hopefully I won't need most of this stuff but I'm driving down the Carretera Austral and don't want to get stuck without necessities. After extensive research and I'm of the understanding that this road and the surroundings are extremely safe crime wise and that is not to be worried about. Running out of gas and or money is. I figure I will duct tape some cash in hidden spots in the car just in case. (So cloak and dagger.) While flexibility if essential on a road trip like this so are carefully laid plans as accommodations are limited. So, I'm pre booking everything on my route to ensure that I don't have to sleep in the car. The ferries, however, cannot be booked until I pick up my car and have the license information so I will do that immediately upon arrival in Santiago. My trip is still in the shoulder season before the busier summer so I'm hoping not to have a problem, but who knows. I will be off grid at times, so updates will be fewer! Nos vemos!

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