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The Edge of the World

Most western point of Tasmania, Ann @David

The Red Boat

Arthur River


Enjoying scenery

A Paddie Melon

A Quoll

We had planned a trip along the Arthur River today, wasn't sure if David and Ann would be well enough to come.

However, we all seem to be over the cold/flu, except for a bit of a cough, Ann's is most persistent. So we started out with the sun shining, full of hope for the day. The green rolling hills with fat cattle, sheep or goats, look amazing. Even when the sun faded, and rain began, the scenery was lovely.

By the time we got to Arthur River the sun was shining again. What a blessing that was to have a full day of sunshine for this trip. Many don't get to see the West Coast in the sun.

First we did a short drive to " The Edge of the World " . This is the most western point of Tasmania. To see the ocean looking blue, and white tipped waves coming in was beautiful. Yes, we may look a bit cold. The temperature was 13deg, but the ice in the wind you have to experience to believe.

We boarded the boat 10am and arrived back 3pm. It was a great trip, watching sea eagles in their hugh nests, the changing forest along the river, for a while the wind dropped enough for the water to still, and we seen beautiful reflections. We pulled in and got off the boat for lunch. While this was being prepared we went for a walk and were told about the bush, very interesting. While having lunch we were visited by a Pademelon, and a Quoll. So great to see them as wild animals.

We drove home through Smithton, a nice small town, a couple of groceries , then home. Will all sleep tonight.

Love Dawn

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