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As we near our destination, we are beginning to get excited. After some light rain over night we got up to sun peaking through the clouds... and it was a warm, very muggy 77F.

One of Michelle's activities is to take pictures of the sign welcoming us into each province and state, well, as we pulled off the interstate yesterday and when we pulled back on today... we missed the sign since the campground was on the border line of North and South Carolina. Now we did get a picture of the sign thanking us for visiting as we exited later in the day but apparently, it's not the same.

As we drove farther south, you could see some of the damage from the hurricane Irma. By mid day, we were driving through 88F temperatures, it did peak at 92F before we parked for the day.

Since we were getting close to the end of our drive, we were trying to make this our last night on the road, so we pushed on a bit longer than we would have liked. But with the rain clouds building all around us, the farther south we went the better things seemed to look. Now remember that we have a person with us who used to be a weatherman. Hmmm.... you think that would help? Well, we got to the border of Georgia and Florida (will probably miss the Welcome sign again!) and then pulled into a KOA, since they had an open pool. After parking, and setting up, we went for a long deserved swim. Didn't realize how warm we had gotten during the drive. The A/C in the bus is sort of working, but it couldn't keep up and now the cool water of the pool was really welcome.

Not long after getting out of the pool, the remnants of Hurricane Nate just caught us. Now some may think that the plinking sound of rain on a roof is so relaxing... we discovered that we couldn't turn up the TV loud enough to hear over the noise of the thunder and heavy rain coming down. The rain and light show lasted about 30 minutes, but it seemed a lot longer.

We splurged and had dinner from the campground and tomorrow morning we'll be having coffee and waffles on them, an added bonus from the camp. For tomorrow's drive, we have left ourselves with a short drive so that we can stop for groceries (read Tequila in that list) before pulling into our expected destination for the winter, in Bushnell just north of Orlando.

We wish all our family and friends a very happy, healthy and relaxed Thanksgiving in Canada, and Columbus Day in the US!

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