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These statues stand on 2 layers of marble, there are rolling balls...

Bergamotto - yum yum.

The promenade

Pebbly beach and Etna in thebackground on Sicily.




Scampi risotto and bergamotto

Bergamotto gelato

And this is where you buy it! A must visit for any...

Haven’t managed gelato for breakfast, in celebration Calabrian style. But it will be gelato o’clock later in the day.

Can’t get enough of this local bergamotto. Last nights dinner was scampi risotto with bergamotto.

It is another beautiful day here.

Our host, Pasquale, an unemployed architect, tells us about the impact of the GFC particularly in the southern part of Italy.

There has been slow progress out of the economic gloom.

Italy and Greece have taken in loads of assylum seekers. They are given 35€ per day. A lot are from Africa.

There is a calmness here in Reggio., unlike the refugee problems arising in northern Italy.

The refugees are not wanting to stay in Italy. They want to go to Germany and Sweden. They are supposed to stay where ever they land.

It seems like the problems in Italy are similar world wide. Shifts of younger population to city areas, leaving the older generation in the country areas.

Short term employment contracts that are not guaranteed for renewaland the cheaper imports drown local productivity.

A leisurely day. A seafood dinner tonight - no menu, just the catch of the day.

Tommorrow, we catch a ferry across the Straits of Messina to Messina in Sicily.

We then catch a train to Catania, where we park for 2 nights.

Might think about circumnavigating the base of Mt Etna on a private train. We will see........

Love Marco and Giana xx

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