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Typical view from Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi

Cute kids clothes

Get your socks on fashionistas

Studs a plenty

Amazing bronze statue from 450BC, found in the sea in the Messina...

Seen at the Archeologico Museo di Reggio Calabria

Nice buns for an old boy!

Ricotta, fig and vino passito gelatofor lunch, and

Bergamotto - fragrant citrus orange grown locally.

Marco, Chief taste tester

We are enjoying a day of rest, along with the other Calabrians in Reggio di Calabria.

The weather is delightful, about 22 and fine.

Not much open here today, except for Duomo and Archaelogical Museum.

Inside the Museum, there are two 190 cm tall, 150kg bronze statues, the Riace statues A and B. They are 450 years BC young! They just happened to be found by chance in 1972, 200m off Riace Marina in 8 m of water.

They are the world’s finest examples of Greek sculpture.

You have to stand in a decontamination room for 3 minutes before viewing the big boys.

Their lips are made from copper, and their teeth made from silver. Not sure the same artist created these statues.

It is astounding how advanced the Greeks were so long ago. There were also many exhibits displaying glass, copper, silver, and axes. Beautifully designed and painted pottery vessels.

We lunched on gelato. These flavours are the best we have ever tasted in Italy.

The bergamotto was sensational. We passed groves of these citrus trees on the way to Reggio di Calabria.

We strolled along the promenade viewing Sicily across the Messina Straits.

Mt Etna is in the distance, not sure if it was cloud or whether she was puffing. Hope she keeps happy.

Tomorrow is a day of celebration, my birthday, and it will be celebrated in style- the Calabrian way.

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Love Giana and Marco x

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