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The fog was lifting and the weather looked promising this morning

The rain started and was heavy at times, but the traffic wasn't...

Our site at Pedro's, notice the palm trees, our first of the...

It's starting to get warm down here, it was 17c when we got up! A dense fog lifted fairly quickly, and we were on our way. Of course it wasn't long before Mike had to pull over for a pee. He has excuses but most likely it just that he's old.

Today was a 'get some miles behind us' day and being a Saturday, it was a good day to travel. The roads were smooth and for the most part clear and uncrowded. At the North Carolina Welcome Center, when Michelle ran in to get a map, the gentleman said that they do most of their construction at night, so we had no slow downs for that, just a few road shifts. We had rain showers on and off for most of the day but that helped with the 'heat'.

After 250 miles (400km) we are now in South Carolina at a real tourist trap called South Of The Border. This place is a fairly large complex with a very Mexican theme. All along the highway for many many miles there are signs advertising the shops, restaurants, and rides. Today it's pretty empty so we didn't have a problem getting a camp spot, at Pedro's Campground. It is literally squeaked in as south of the North Carolina border, the GPS squawked the border crossing as we pulled in the driveway to the campground.

We had a lazy afternoon, it was nice to get in a little earlier and sit back to relax, yes, sitting and driving is tough work.

Tomorrow we continue on, heading towards Florida hopefully.

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