Jane and Mark's Taste of Italy 2017 travel blog

Checking out the washing

NBN for Napoli?

Spacious lift!

Train lunch

I can see the sea!

Looks like Sicily over there

Heading to the toe of Italy

Our train from Naples to Reggio di Calabria

Passeggiata starting, note hills at end of street

I know lots of people who believe in this philosophy

A solemn reminder of of the lives lost at Pompei, as I put my volcanic dusted black suede shoes on this morning.

After checking out the washing across the street, and observing from above, the possible installation of the NBN in Naples, we squished into the lift and headed out into the street for Napoli Centrale station.

Grabbed a proscuitto, mozzarella and percorino roll, remembered to validate our seat reservation, and jumped on the train for nearly a 5 hour journey down south.

This is all new territory for us.

It is looking good as we pass through mountainous terrain and close to the sea.

Lots of agriculture here, as the soil is so fertile with volcanic ash. Those tinned italian tomatoes possibly come from down here.

There were a few cooking tips I meant to pass on FYI:

Cooking pasta to al dente makes the pasta more digestible.

Always cook garlic in oil from a cold start in the pan - they both need to warm up together- so italian!

When preparing garlic- remove the green shoot from inside and the base. Less overpowering.

Flavour vegetables with unskinned clove of garlic -if you are cooking in oil,and remember the cold start.

Always put the cooked pasta into the sauce.

Currently typing this up on the train to the toe of Italy- Reggio di Calabria, so will need to access some notes to give you more cooking tips.

As I look away from the screen, I see the Tyrrhenian Sea is coloured sapphire blue.

Reggio Di Calabria is very different to the northern part of Italy.

It feels different, people look different - maybe shorter in stature. Different cuisine, the geography is different. Could easily be in another country.

Just come in from dinner, and now so close to the sea we have had pasta . I had Cavatelli pasta with clams and prawns.

Marco had spaghetti with sea urchin. He enjoyed it. The Calabrian glass of white wine was, dare I say it, better than the Orvieto wine𯘮!

Tonights passeggiata ( evening stroll taken in a public place perhaps to socialize) was huge.

We are propped here for 3 nights., before we catch a ferry to Sicily.

Sunday should be a quiet day here, and we need a rest.

Love Marco and Giana xx

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