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Today we left Texas and began our journey across Oklahoma. We avoided the Interstate, preferring the older roads that recreate the Route 66 experience. (Ask the Federal Highway Department and they will tell you that the Interstates follow the right-of-way of old 66. True in a broad sense, but they straighten out the curves, lower the hills and lift up the valleys.) Often these are the frontage roads that parallel many Interstates. Some are indeed sections of old 66, the ones of Portland concrete. Hank loves the thump-thump of the seams between sections of concrete.

Soon into Oklahoma we came to the town of Sayre. And suddenly - there!! The Beckham Co Courthouse! The art deco post office! The pedestrian tunnel under the main street! We have seen these before! In 2013 we spent a two-week vacation of Route 66, traveling west from St Louis and making it as far as - SAYRE. We were on familiar roads. And the memories came back. We recognized the curves, the buildings. Traveling down a frontage road at 55 mph Hank suddenly stopped at a clump of trees. There! almost hidden. The ruins of Kobel's Place, an old roadside establishment. The kind of place Hank might have explored as a child. And now, he remembered it from four years ago. The memories are coming back strong and clear.

Tonight we are in a motel in Clinton. (There is rain in the forecast so we don't want to be in our tent.) There is an excellent Route 66 Museum in town which we visited again for old times' sake. And we found an excellent restaurant hiding outside of town. Marilyn remembers passing the old automobile that stands at the entrance road in 2013. This is going to be an exciting week as we follow Route 66 across Oklahoma, a corner of Kansas, and across Missouri. Familiar places, each with a memory.

Life is exciting and good. We are thankful each and every day for the opportunity to be on this journey together. We are thankful also for each of our friends and family who are following this Journal and sending powerful thoughts and prayers for a safe trip. Until we meet again, may God keep us all in God's wonderful love.

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