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Ahh yes, there are still many President supporters around, car stickers, people you talk to etc. and then of course you get the other supporters, who support Madonna, Hilary etc. and I might just leave it there.

We had a slow start to our final day in San Francisco and the United States of America. Packed up this morning and then headed into the city where we did a self guided city walk around Union Square and South Market.

But the highlight of the day for me was time spent in the Haight Ashbury area, known as the hippie world during the sixties when flower power blossomed and Summer Love was all around. There is still plenty of that culture around the area, like the rest of San Fran, a little grubby and down trodden but plenty of atmosphere. Tie Dye clothing shops, music stores, guitar stores and much more.

(Mum, Wendy and Lynn, it reminds me of our time at Gamtoos when all our Aussie Hippie friends used to rock up for the day, ha ha what fun those times were) (also Lynn, remember when Andre talked us into Tie Dyeing almost every bit of clothing we had in my Mum's bath at Zareba Street, we were hippies then too, just not such popular ones ha ha).

A fun place to wander around and further along was Alamo Hill where we checked out the quaint and mighty cute 'Painted Ladies' iconic Victorian Houses. They look like doll houses and I believe there is a Specialist Company (similar to an Outdoor Interior Designer) who advises homeowners how paint the houses, each panel or ledge often different colours however all beautifully and elegantly matched.

Now there's a good project for Cameron, he can start painting the outside of our Laurieton home, panel by panel in different shades of blue!

We jumped on a very long bus ride down to the Northern Beach, I don't believe a tourist has ever been there, it was so far away, a lovely beach mind you, wished I'd had my swimmers with me.

Back to Castro (gay area of SF) for a very late lunch. Castro is my favourite area in SF, it has so much atmosphere and the people all seem to live together so harmoniously, you can feel the love, when the gay men meet each other, they tend to hug warmly as opposed to our handshakes. It all seems so normal, not like smutty, sleazy Kings Cross where you see old men with young boys, male prostitutes etc, here you see mature,happy men in normal gay relationships. The rest of the world could learn from Castro, San Francisco, the Gay Capital of the World.

San Francisco is not a favourite city of mine, it is really depressing seeing rows of inert, smelly, dirty bodies in rags with piles of rubbish around them all over the streets, in the subways etc. it's really sad and hopefully the government are working on saving these miserable souls. They need help.

Well, we are sitting waiting to catch our flight back to Sydney now, all 14 hours of it, ugh.

I am looking forward to getting home to see family and friends, and have so much to look forward to as after spending a day with Maddie, we fly to Adelaide for Chris Niven's wedding which I'm really looking forward to, plus we will be staying with Beda and Verna, our dear friends and great opportunity to catch up with them. We arrive home from Adelaide and Wendy and Alan will soon be on our doorstep, so the end of an interesting trip but lots of excitement to look forward to when we arrive home.

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