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We have traveled down the Yangtze River for past two days passing many "new towns" built above the river. The river is 180m higher than its original level. The displaced homeowners were provided new apartments if 3x the area new refrigerator TV and lap top as incentive.

Lots of high sheer rock walls as we passed through the 3 gorges. Reminds me of the lake at home but with even higher peaks.


The weather has been cool and misty just the right ethereal touch of low clouds hanging around the mountain peaks along the river. The Yangtze is impressive, a highway of mostly commercial barges carrying millions of tons of cargo to Shanghai and out into the world beyond.

Yesterday a barge with 1000 new cars rolled by and as we waited our turn to enter the locks in the 3 gorges dam we passed hundreds and hundreds of commercial boats stacked up along the shoreline also waiting their turns.


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