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Yes, I can say I've actually cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. (Thanks for the advice, Evan and Rachel, it was a great experience).

We left home early yesterday morning (we always leave early, this was just earlier than usual), caught the tram down to Fishermans Wharf, picked up a couple of clumsy, heavy hire bikes with lousy gears and headed off in beautiful sunshine with not a breath of wind to hinder us.

We cycled through the Aquatic Park and all along the waterfront on a cycle path which was pretty, up and onto the Golden Gate Bridge where we enjoyed the views back onto Alcatraz and San Francisco as well as watched the Sea Lions playing in the sea, way down below us. A very pretty and enjoyable cycle to a lovely little beachside town called Sausolito.

It was such a pretty little place, so we found a cafe beside the water's edge for lunch and a rest, as we watched all the activity going on around us, boats, people and bikes.

We decided to push on after lunch along the waterfront past a world-famous houseboat community to Mill Valleys Old Mill Park to see the worlds tallest Coastal Redwood Trees. A very pretty area though a harder ride and we kept losing the path, so eventually returned back to Sausalito to catch the ferry back to Fishermans Wharf.

Our timing was perfect as the Navy are in town for a big Navy Week starting tomorrow and as our ferry left the wharf, the navy put on the best aerobatic display I've ever seen right over the harbour, so crossing it on the ferry, we had a perfect view. The noisy jets swooped, dived, flew upside down, tumbled, flew in formation, all with plenty of vapour, an amazing and thrilling show to which we had front row seats.

As it was fairly late by the time we arrived back at Fishermans Wharf, both exhausted, we decided to explore the area more and stay for dinner. My stance on Fishermans Wharf has softened somewhat, although it is a bit grungy, the area does have a great atmosphere and we ended up sitting in a bar for a beer and listening to live music overlooking the harbour activity.

We had a fish dinner in a little place also beside the harbour with views of Golden Gate Bridge just as the sun was setting and watched the lights come on.

By this time, energy levels were definitely depleted, it was a fair ride today with a couple of decent hills (which I actually had to push up and one in particular so steep I even pushed down rather than ride down, but I think that was when we took a wrong turn) so it was time to navigate our way home on the trams.

We gave been so lucky with the weather which has been perfect for our entire trip.

I can't believe it is already over with our last day in San Francisco today.

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