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Whooee, another big travel day, left hotel in Boston at 5 am, flight to New York, 3 hours hanging around airport then 6 hour flight to San Francisco, however local time here is only 8.30 but Boston time is currently 11.30 pm. I think I'm tired.

And yet when I'm frequently asked the question, 'Don't I ever get tired of travel or roaming the globe?', the answer has to be 'As If'!

I never tire of reading articles on travel, researching destinations not yet visited and adventures still to be experienced.

I want to travel everywhere, to see and experience everything, to feel that sense of adventure and emotion travel provides, the wonder, the excitement, bewilderment, beauty, fascination and occasionally dangers encountered during every trip away from the security and complacency of home.

I thrive on the excitement of travel, I grow as a person through my travel, it enhances my passions, alerts me to my flaws and capabilities.

Travel is like a window into the world for me , the people, their humanity, their culture, their differences, their sameness the world over.

I discover that we are all basically striving for the same kind of existence, peace and harmony, a job to provide for a healthy, happy and nourished family.

As a traveller, I discovered very early on that the material things in life are not important, it is the life experiences attained during travel, that add perspective and meaning to our lives.

I realise how privileged I have been to be able to experience the joy of traversing the globe, experiencing the universe and how travel has had a major impact upon my life and personality.

Having said all of that, we are now on the home stretch of our 5 week trip, and although I am never ready for a trip to end, I always miss my family and friends when the reality of getting home kicks in. Just can't wait to see Madeleine on Monday.

We arrived at our wonderful AirB&B home in a domestic suburb of San Francisco, not too far from downtown and on the tram lines which is convenient and so headed straight out to a much needed laundromat - domestics again.

However we did stop in at a local pub for a beer and being out in the 'Burbs' were made a big fuss of, 'wow all the way from Sydney Australia' and here we were in their little neighbourhood, having a yarn with the locals and the barmaid', plus the beer was cheap. They advised us of where to go fur a burger dinner and the best pubs in the area for another night. One of the best things about staying in the AirB&B's, are that as they are out in the suburbs, you get to meet the local population, not the tourists.

Although today was another slow travel day, a highlight was watching some inane movie on the plane, however it was shot in New York, I got such a thrill out of recognising all the NY landmarks in the movie and hearing the accents made me feel at home. Ha ha. But that's the thing about travel, I'm always interested in the news from all the places in the world I've actually travelled to.

And now I need to travel to all these places in my dreams as I'm knackered (to use a good Aussie expression).

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