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A Penguin at Penguin

Beautiful 150 year old Uniting Church at Penguin

View from behind our van

Looking down the side of The Nut

From The Nut overlooking Stanley

We traveled west for 120km and have settled at Stanley. The Caravan Park is at the base of a large flat topped hill called The Nut.

Ann is still unwell, a cough and feels hot then cold. She feels tired and rests and sleeps part of the day, which is very unlike Ann. She is mostly disappointed she caught this cold, flu? Thought she should have beaten a few germs. Said a passenger on the ferry was coughing near her.

We stopped at a town called Penguin for morning tea, a very pretty place, although the cloudy weather doesn't help the photos.

David Noel and myself cheated a little and got the chair lift up to the top of The Nut, then walked the 2km around, it was still up and down, not entirely flat. The outlook is really beautiful, the grass is really green and lush looking, completely different to Qld and NSW.

When we left Devonport it was a high of 17deg, that came down to 14deg as we came west. We couldn't imagine wearing our winter clothes when we were in Qld, but I assure you we are wearing lots of warm clothes.

Love Dawn

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