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The eroding cliffs

North Rustico fishing port

An old Anne of Green Gables

Now here's a 'different' Anne of Green Gables

Lovers Lane

Ian McBulloch

2/10/2017. Monday. Charlottestown

A more leisurely start this morning as we began the day with a Prince Edward Island local tour guide, who was very knowledgeable, funny, and posed the question 'what is a crocheted cow'. Throughout the day, she offered tiny clues, and people put forth answers. More about that later. She took us to PEI National Park beaches and rusty/red coloured cliffs, which are eroding 1'/30cm per year off the coastline. It was only 11 degrees today with a very strong wind, but the sand didn't blow up like it does at home, or stick to your wet feet. We continued to a fishing port where we saw an old style lobster pot which is still used today, and learned that only professional fishermen can legally catch lobster, and the north and south of the island have different months in which to do so.

Our next stop was to the farmhouse from the Anne of Green Gables books written by L.M.Montgomery. It was furnished with items from the era, there was a short film, and a very big gift shop! There were walks which are mentioned in the books, and we chose 'Lovers Lane', which was very pretty, with 'quote' boards along the way.

Time for lunch - and people - us included - still trying to guess the answer to our guide's question! We stopped at the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company where the founder and owner came on the bus and told the story of how it all came to be, which bought tears to the eyes of many. The business is situated on the Clyde River in the town of New Glasgow and was started in 1985. In 2005 he and his wife started the 12 acre garden sanctuary called Gardens of Hope, next to the business, which provides respite for individuals, families or caregivers coping with the effects of a life threatening illness, and caregivers experiencing compassion fatigue. It can house 6-7 people and they can stay FREE OF CHARGE for up to one week, and is available year round. There really are good people in the world. For anyone who's interested, you can check it out on We had a lovely lunch there and were treated to a traditional ceilidh - a folk music party. It was a great lunch stop. The jams and preserves were delicious, but sadly, I have no room to bring any home.

Back on the bus - and people were still trying to guess the answer. I was getting quite frustrated, as while Ian and I were trying to work it out, I was missing some of the things she was telling us. More answers, but all wrong.

We arrived back at the hotel, and I went looking for a dress shop which had been recommended to me to try to buy something to wear to Tony and Tam's wedding. First shop had a lovely dress, but it was sleeveless, and with my tuckshop arms - no way. I then met up with Ian, Anne and Ian, and we browsed in the Anne of Green Gables shop, then went to the mall which Ian had found, and Anne and I found a dress shop - and a dress. I tried it on and yeah! it fit, and I was happy with it. So now I can relax - I have a dress for the wedding. A successful end to a lovely day.

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