Choo Choo Colorado travel blog

View from our bus

Great color

We saw quite a few antelope as we drove

Headed toward those snow-covered mountains

Fresh snow

Frosted trees

Buena vista is a typical small mining town

Main street of Leadville - they got power back just before we...

Looking more ominous

Wonderful color

A bit more than just frosted trees

Although not really welcome, the snow is lovely


We were welcomed to our room


Snow coming down steadily

Vail, CO Even the best laid plans can go awry and that is what happened today. We headed out with Vail as our eventual goal but were keeping a close eye on the weather. We soon saw signs that winter is approaching. Our first stop was to be Wilkerson Pass for the spectacular views and a rest stop. Unfortunately the Wilkerson Pass pull out was chained up – closed for the season. Our next goal was Leadville where we were going to have lunch and explore the old mining town. It had snowed there, too, and someone hit a transformer, leaving the entire town without electricity. We stopped at a small town along the way and had a hurried lunch as we were told there was a chance Vail Pass was going to close because more snow is expected. We did make it to Vail but another of our activities was cancelled. Alpine Gardens were buried in snow, making viewing the gardens somewhat pointless. We do, however, have beautiful accommodations. Guess we will just have to force ourselves to enjoy the facilities!

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