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ST Erblon, Chateau Letard


Apples and pears from the orchard

Champagne lunch

Oysters for Marina and Jacques

Steak au pouivre for me

Chocolate eclair for dessert

Nelson wants to know where his lunch is

Nelson: a lazy day above the fireplace

Local, very special kind of french prosecco for cocktails

A great bordeaux gift from a friend for dinner

Cantaloupe starter

A lovely warm fire to take the chill out of the evening

Boulognese a la Jacques

Fresh raspberry puff a la Marina

Oh such a lovely night sleep. For the second night, I was nestled under three blankets, a thick douvet, and playing footsie with the foxy fur hot water bottle. I got up, dressed quickly, and went downstairs to a warmly heated kitchen, and took my place at the table infront of the fire place.

God bless Marina, I was greeted with a beautiful smiling face and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

"Good morning, Robin. How did you sleep? Sorry about the power problems.... when I could sit quietly, and think, and not be bothered by the Jacques' frenzy..... I went to the boiler room, and flipped to the other side. Bingo... we had lights!"

"Good job,Marina!. Isn't it funny, when we are left quietly, and not be bothered with extraneous thoughts, just what we can accomplish!" I confirmed

With an even bigger smile on her face, "thank you, Robin. Now... what would you like for breakfast? Omelette, with Parmesan, and maybe some bacon?"

"Perfect. Thank you." I proceeded to make my latte.

Justice then, Jacques came into the kitchen carrying a bucket of apples and pears.

*picture of bucket of apples and pears*

"Good Morning, Robin... You Ok? I was in the park, picking apples and pears... you want one?" Jacques said as he put the bucket on the floor, and walked over to get another drink of coffee.

"No thank you. Not right now. Maybe later." I said.

I know Marina and Jacques had a lot to do today. Having only one day at St. Erblon, is a quick turn around from Milena to London. Marina, of course, had to not only do her own packing -- but Jacques' as well. Then there is the problem with what to do with Nelson. Evidently the cat hotel is not open on Sunday. I only a slight panic, Marina called her friend, who leaves her cat when going on a business trip. Marina, called this referral, found them pleasant to talk to, and also they were OPEN on Sunday. Great, Nelson now has a place to go!

Lunch time came so quickly. It felt like we just had breakfast, and Jacques was at the store again creating yet another meal.

Lunch today for Marina and Jacques was very tiny oysters

For me, Steak au pouivre

THe of course, the piece de (but noe resistance), was the funniest looking chocolate eclair I have ever seen.

Nelson and I hung out in the kitchen area for. Most of the day -- while Jacques and Marina continued to run around in circles.

. Helping Marina do little things, as well as dish washing allowed her the freedom to do other things that we of necessity before they could leave tomorrow. Re packing, and re-doing my suitcase before dinner was important. We are leaving the house at 6:00a.m. tomorrow, and the more things Jacques could load up in the car, the easier it would be for our departure.

Jacques and Marina wanted to get up around 3:30a.m. so Jacques very special lamb boulognese (the meat he bought in Vathy, and brought it in his suitcase, so we could enjoy it tonight.

Before dinner could be started, Nelson had to. Be dropped off at the cat hotel. When Jacques returned, he was shirt-less. He left his t-shirt with Nelson, so that he would not be lonesome, because he would have the smells of Papa.

Dinner menu for our last night in France:

Fresh cantaloupe starter

Boulognese with ground lamb, and an excellent bottle of Bordeaux

. We were all just stuffed, when Marina placed a very special Raspberry fluff in front of us, and insisted we eat.

Everyone pitched in to get the dishes done, and the kitchen clean, before saying goodnight. This is the second short night in three days.

Must sleep -- it is almost time to get up again.......


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