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The Nellie Johnstone

The rest of the week was spent doing more sight seeing, including a trip to Pawhuska, a small old town nearby. We sort of planned to visit a restaurant there, the Pioneer Woman. Unfortunately the line was a mile long, wrapping back and forth on itself like a Disneyland ride. Later we learned that this restaurant had become famous, serving as many as 6000 per day. Who knew this small town would become a destination town.

We also drove to Osage Hills State Park and Hulah Lake near Sedan, Ks. We had thought we might go over there for a few days while waiting for our appointment, but decided to stay put.

It rained all day Tuesday, all night and all the next day. Don did not even get out of his jammies on Wednesday!

On Thursday we went to the Bartlesville Museum and the Phillips Petroleum Company museum. Both were. very well done and very informative. Even though my dad worked for Phillips as long as I can remember I learned a lot from both museums.

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