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Hide that mascot name!

Col High

Double mascot

Me, Cecilia, Sharon, Linda

We met at our school at 10 in the morning for a tour through our old school. We graduated 584 in our class and ours was the last graduating class before they split the high school. So I graduated from College High School, while my younger sister graduated from Sooner High on the east side. The schools remained separate until 1984, when they were again combined. When they did that they renamed the school and chose a new mascot. Naturally we were all appalled and do not totally recognize the new mascot. Ours was the Wildcat. That said, they kept the original lines of the school and did retain one carving of our mascot. And the change to hi tech was a good thing. Our tour guide took us everywhere to show us the changes. She was very good: I found out later that she was the principal of the school.

That evening was our banquet, program and dance. It was a great opportunity to see old friends, get to know friends made on facebook and to make new friends. With that many in our class it was impossible to get to know everyone. Social media has made it possible to get to know many more of them, without the cliques that are a part of high school.

After the banquet was a slide presentation and program, which included some of the cheer leaders doing a cheer and of course our fight song and alma mater. Joe Sears did a monologue and John Hiligoss sang some of the old songs. Ours was the year when our basketball team took the state title so there were many memories shared about that. Afterwards we organized for a group picture. We figured that about 180 plus spouses were in attendance. (Someone did mention that getting us all together for the picture was like herding cats!) Afterwards we had a band with all our favorite tunes for dancing.

It was a great reunion!

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