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We went shopping this morning and just drove around town a bit looking at the changes. Also stopped at the RV place to make an appointment to have the trailer brakes looked at since Don did not think they were working properly. We went online to arrange for new tires for the truck and RV in Lawrence when we were done in Bartlesville.

This evening was the first activity for our reunion. It was held at the Bartlesville Garden Hilton. This evening was a drink and hors d'oerve reception. Our organizers did a wonderful job with name tags. Each one had our senior picture with high school and current name. Our spouse was also identified with our name so we knew who belonged to who. Laughably, as well done as they were, we all agreed that the names should have been in larger print. It is an age thing you know, we had to look closely in order to read the names!

One thing that was really well tbought out and greatly appreciated was the memorial table to remember those in our class who have died. It was sad to see so many names (approximately 70). There were many names of friends I knew. It was hard to see. The name of our school was also on the table, but more about that later.

We all lasted for 2-3 hours, but did break up a little early to save ourselves for the next day.

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