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Ocean near Caravan Park

Wattle at Tree Park

Magnolia and Noel

Willem Pines

Well the trip to the Spirit of Tasmania at 5.50am went well. We must have been eager as we were first in line. However the Spirit was late so there was a lot of waiting around. We actually drove onto the ship at 8.30am. It is so different to the last time we were on the Spirit, a much improved newer one. We had booked a recliner chair each and they were very comfortable. These were at the back of the ship with windows facing out to the water. We were three rows back from the windows. I chose the one where I couldn't see the water, took 1 tablet, put an ear plug in one ear, and settled down with a book. We were very fortunate it was pretty smooth going. Although Ann and David said it was rough compared to a Cruise Liner. We did have to hang on when walking around. So I only walked to the toilet, the others wandered around . Yea!!! It worked I wasn't sea sick at all, first time ever on a boat.

We got into Devonport 8pm. The first time we had to back into our caravan spot in the dark. A challenge, but we managed. We all slept well, couldn't believe David and Ann slept in until 7.30am

Today we needed to shop for fruit & veges. Ann wasn't feeling well so is having a rest day, David put on his backpack and went for a walk, and Noel and myself drove to a Tree Park where they have planted trees from all around the world, that grow in this climate. It was a lovely walk , although a lot of the trees hadn't sprung for spring yet.

Love Dawn

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