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Hopewell Rocks - see the 2 rocks kissing? Water covers arch at...

13km long Federation Bridge

One of the side streets of the Farmers Markets

4 likely Farmers - not!

He looks like the cat that's swallowed the canary!

Anne & Ian getting into the lobster.

1/10/2017. Sunday. Charlottestown, PE Island

Again, our early start paid off, as we were the first bus at Hopewell Rocks, which have a rise and fall of 16 metres, the highest and wildest tides in the world. We heard an excellent talk before going to the rocks, were the tide was on its way out, which meant that people could walk down the 100 steps and stand on the ocean floor. I had thought I'd like to do that just to say I'd done it, but then thought that we do it every time we go swimming in the ocean, and that my knees probably wouldn't appreciate going up and down 100 steps first thing in the morning, so good sense prevailed and I gave it a miss. Anne had said she wasn't going to do it, but guess what - she did...and enjoyed it.

We passed a caravan on the way to the 13km. Confederation Bridge built in 1997 linking New Brunswick with Prince Edward Island. It didn't seem like 13km as we crossed it. The local PEI folk fought against having the bridge, but the huge increase in tourist dollars has changed their minds.

When we arrived at Charlottetown for our 2 night stop, the Terry Fox run was in full swing, and our amazing driver navigated narrow streets and avoided hitting parked cars. Such skill. We couldn't get to our hotel, because there was also the annual Farmers Market in the same street as the hotel, and there were thousands of people, so he dropped us off on the boardwalk and we took our hand luggage with us and walked a short distance to the hotel and he later was able to drive the bus there with our bigger luggage. We walked up to the Farmers Market and had a look, but pretty much the same as at home. We saw a hand wash stand with liquid soap, water and paper in the street, and we're not sure if it's a fixture or brought in for the market.

Tonight the group enjoyed a lobster supper at a local restaurant. Ian has been hanging out for this - the hilight of the trip for him. I decided I'd try the lobster, although ham, chicken or scallops were offered. The bread rolls were beautiful, tomato soup tasty - Ian had chowder plus a big bucket of mussels he had to himself, salad lovely and fresh, but the lobster had very little meat that I ate, nothing like crayfish I've eaten. There were 2 big claws which I passed to Ian. Dessert was good. It was a fun night, but I know that I wouldn't be bothered with lobster again - there's much more nice meat in a Moreton Bay Bug. The 'restaurant' we went to was more like a huge 2-level hall, with 200 people on each level. It closes for the season at the end of this week.

Home to the hotel, to see a very official car out the front with government insignia number plate and flag flying on the front. The Island's Governor General is here, whether for the night or not we didn't find out. No loud parties Anne and Ian!!!

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