2017 Milena with Campbells & Bareboat Bora Bora travel blog

Travel map from Corfu, Greece to Nantes,France (airport)

Nantes, France to Rennes, France

Rennes, France to St. Erblon, France

Early morning breakfast (fresh orange juice) on Milena

Not a good time to be beginning our day: 4:00a.m.

Waiting to board our Corfu-Athens flight

Leaving Athens (look at the sky)

Athens from the air: maybe the Marina is Zea Marina, Pireaus, Greece

Athens coastline

In the air above Athens, looking at the weather

Athens to Nantes, France plane: Marina (behind me)

Athens to Nantes, France plane: Jacques next to me

Athens to Nantes, France plane: lunch is being served

What a lovely island area, outside Bordeaux

.Loire River

.. Loire River

...Loire River

Chateau Letard, St. Erblon

Chateau Letard, St. Erblon; kitchen

Chateau Letard, St. Erblon: Library/office

Chateau Letard, St. Erblon: the trio cooking dinner

Chateau Letard, St. Erblon: Jacques and Nelson in control in the kitchen

Cocktail Rose

Pommerol for our dinner

Dinner by candle light (surfing city about the power outage

We are leaving Milena and Greece this morning and heading to France, to Marina and Jacques home in St. Erblon, to drop Nelson off, and Monday morning we leave Rennes on the TGV (french fast train) to Paris then the Eurostar from Paris to London -- but I am getting way ahead of myself -- this is Saturday, and we are only going as far as St. Erblon, in Rennes, today..... so back to the here and now.

Alarms going off -- and Milena is fully engaged in trying to awaken her inhabitants at 3:`15a.m.

. Oh golly, looking at the clock on Milena, this is not a good time to be up and trying to manipulate ourselves.

At 3:45a.m., Jacques began to make the 2 long walks down "dock P" to the parking lot, where the taxi would be waiting for us. Marina, Nelson and I went down the passerale, and began wheeling all the things that were left.

Marina had her carry on bag, and Nelson. I had my carry on bag, and my small samsonite luggage, which weighs more than my big black one. It was a long 8 minutes walk in the dark, with sub-standard lighting. Last night Marina told me than when she took the last of our garbage to the bins, that there was a HUGE pile of poo, half way down the dock, on the left hand side. So both of us are really alert to not only all the boats passerales, and electrical cords... but also ..... be on the extreme look out for 'excrimente', as Victor would say. All we need is to step somewhere we shouldn't and try recover from that, and still make a 6:40a.m. plane to Athens.......

As luck would have it, all three of us missed the poo..... thank goodness. As we left for the first leg of our voyage to the USA -- we had 6 bundles, cases, or suitcases between us. Each on of us have three, plus Nelson -- so I guess our total count was 7 things, plus us that we had to fit into the waiting Mercedes cab.

"O... my... how many are you? Two? O...3!!! Oh my... and luggage + cat.... 7??! O my! Careful, my seats are all leather...." the horrified driver exclaimed as he and Jacques shoved everything into his trunk, or on our laps for the 25 minute ride to the airport. We made it, no sweat. Now all we had to do was check in, and do the "exit for Nelson", and we would be ready to fly. Luckily everyone could check all our baggage all the way to Nantes -- so we did not have to gather it up, and recheck it for the following flight. We had about 30 minutes, we sat at the departure gate and waited to be called;


Jacques daughter, Anne, Jean (her husband) and Louie (Jacques 15 yr. old grand son) all live in Athens. They were going to come to the airport and see Jacques between flights. Marina thought that was a great opportunity for Jacques, but she chose to stay with me, and tootle around the international duty free shopping area. The Anderruthy reunion she would leave up to Jacques. Gee, it was only 8:00a.m., and we couldn't board our flight until 12:30p.m. -- this is a long time to be stuck in this terminal.....

[But then I remembered my beloved Campbells who took this same early a.m. Flight from Corfu..... but their connection wasn't until 2:30p.m.! Wow.... I wonder how and what they managed to do for that long. I applaud you David, Priscilla,m Skyler and Griffin!!]

Marina and I had gone in and around all we wanted to, being a part of very pushy people..... Where is a first class lounge when you need it? Certainly not here. At lease not with Aegean air. Unfortunately, there was TWO lounges in the area we were in, but I did not have the updated information on my Priority Pass, so I did not know what to look for. Oh well. The next time I am in Athens I will know. Unfortunately this info. would not have helped the Campbells, unless I was with them.

Just as we were getting bored, with what to do next: Jacques, Anne, Jean and Louie spotted, and joined us for a few minutes, before they left us to our own devices on just how to waste more time.

Wow..... Marina thought she saw we were leaving from the "B" section, so we went thru security and waited til 45 minute. Finally after checking the reader board what felt like 50 billion times, we finally were given the info to take us to the lower level, and B12 departure area

Once we were in the air, I was fascinated at the sprawling of Athens underneath us. I found myself trying to find things I would recognize.... and believe I found Zea Marina, in Pireaus.

. About 30 minutes before landing I sawe what I believe is the Loire River. How beautiful it is from the air.

Once we landed in Nantes (pop. 300,000 people), picked up our rental car, and made the hour drive to Rennes (pop. 212,000 people), continuing on to the village of St Erblon (pop. 2,500 people), it was almost 6:30p.m. .

Jacques unloaded the car, and immediately went to the grocery store, to get supplies for dinner.

Marina went into action making sure the boiler was on, we had power, and a fire was out in the kitchen fireplace. I gathered the wood, and put it next to the fireplace, as Marina was emptying the old goals, and priming the chimney.

While waiting for Jacques I re acquainted myself with this lovely home.

Within moments, we were nice and warm, waiting for Jacques to bring us food and Drink. It did not take long until we had food, and drinks in the house.

For cocktail hour we were spoiled with Ch. Roubine

For dinner our wine of choice:

. As we were enjoying our first glass of Pommerol -- THE LIGHTS WENT OUT AND WE WERE IN TOTAL DARKNESS!!!! In a castle, with no lights, it is deadly dark!!! Marina was upstairs fixing the bedrooms for sleeping by inserting hot water bottles, when she got totally caught off guard, and pitched in total darkness. Knowing her house, she manipulated around, and gathered all the candles she could find. The kitchen was now well lite -- with battery candles for each of us to have in our rooms.

We still had a beautiful fire, we were nice and warm, still have the stove, frig., and wine -- what more do we need!! Even tho Jacques was. Freaking out, and Marina was quietly and efficiently going thru her house, setting things up, before she returned to the kitchen and we had a lovely candlelight dinner.

!!! I was happy -- the unflappable Marina was running all kinds of solutions in her head. She had never really had an outage in this house for this long ever.

After dinner Jacques went to bed. I helped Marina with the dishes, and then I too said goodnight.

Marina was up for probably another 2 hours, trying to fix the problem. About. 3:00a.m., my bedroom light POPPED ON -- we were in the lights again!!

I fell back to sleep in my o so comfortable antiques bed, under piles or blankets, and douvet, and a furry fox fur hot water bottle at my feet. O such a beautiful life! God bless you and your lovely home -- Marina!!!


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