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Coors Field


Iconic Blue Bear of the Convention Center

I see you!

Unsinkable Molly Brown home

Decorating tastes were different then!

Shoes sitting there like she had just taken them off

Typewritter with movable fonts used by Molly Brown

Larimer Square - street gets its name from General Larimer, who built...

Triangular Brown Palace Hotel

Never saw cherubs rendered quite like these muscular little fellows!

Part of the Eisenhower Suite - couch was amazingly comfy.

Beautiful bedroom of the Eisenhower Suite

Denver, CO We started with a bus tour of downtown Denver which included Coors Field, LoDo, Larimer Square, and a guided tour of the Molly Brown house. This 3-story landmark was once the home of American philanthropist, socialite and activist Margaret Brown, known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” for surviving the sinking of the Titanic. Our guide was excellent and we learned a few things we had never known. Margaret Brown was quite a lady! We also did a tour of our current lodging, The Brown Palace Hotel, again with a delightful and enthusiastic guide. Back in 1892, the only way to get to Denver was train, wagon or horse. In that year a hotel opened on a triangle-shaped lot between the State Capitol and Cherry Creek. It was not just a hotel, but a grand hotel with fireplaces and bathrooms in each room. The place is quite impressive. We also learned there are ghosts or "unexplained phenomena" in the hotel. The Brown Palace Club Room is where they get the most reports of "feelings" and sightings. Visitors and employees have reported the lights going off and on, the carpet "crawling" under their feet and a bartender who appears to go in and out through a wall. We were able to go into the Eisenhower Suite where Eisenhower spent the summer of 1955. It is quite plush with rich blue carpeting, elegant draperies, formal but very comfortable furniture and white columns. The dining room has a cherry wood table with seating for 8 under a crystal chandelier. And there is a dent in the fireplace mantel from Ike’s golf practice. The master bathroom is marble top to bottom with a double sink vanity, oversized soaking tub, and a glass walled shower with rain showerhead. Unlike any hotel room we have ever had! There is also a Roosevelt Suite, a Reagan Suite and a Beatles Suite. That one was occupied or we could have seen the cool juke box with nothing but Beatles songs on it.

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