Gord & Val 's 2017 Balkans Trip travel blog

Ferris wheel at Prater

Schloss Oberes Belvedere

French Garden at above

Schloss Schonbrun from Gloriette

We were off early with coffee at McDonald's and the underground to Schonbrun. A short walk brought us to Schloss Schonbrun. It is huge! 20,000 is the number I remember. Hectares maybe? We had our tickets....Sisi tickets....so skipped the line, picked up our audiophone and entered the world of Empress Marie-Therese. She was fond of rococco....so lots of roccoco was used here as well. With the walnut paneling, it looked quite nice. Color was used in more private rooms. Off white with the gold rather than the stark white seemed easier on the eye. Lots of huge family portraits and scenery paintings decorated walls. My favorite room was the room done to celebrate Franz-Joseph's and Elizabeth's (Sisi) marriage. It was a royal navy and silver brocade with a canopied bed, sofa and chairs, and a side table for breakfast. The rosewood and roccoco room for receiving guests was also nice. No photos were allowed. Smart phone users were being continually told to put them away.

From here we went to see the gardens...French, English, Childrens, the world's first zoo. We decided to take the train. It went through the immediate grounds past the bakery, in front of the palace, past the many floored guesthouse....now the Renaissance Hotel, the servants' quarters and bathhouse, up the hill past the garden implements...lots...the zoo, a sheepherder's house...now a restaurant...through a part of the English Garden to the crest ofthe hill...the Gloriette.. where statues, a small cafe/restaurant sit. Sisi liked to breakfast here. The pic of Shonberg is from here. Below the lake are French Gardens. Back into the English Garden...trees....used for hunting....on down to an obelisk fountain, past an orangery, greenhouses...with 80 gardeners working...back to the bakery.

We had lunch and watched an apelstrudl demonstration....with dessert and coffee.

After we went to see the Carriage Museum with its many gold roccoco carriages and the black hearse carriage that Sisi home to Vienna. It was last used in 1981...for Ziti.

Back on the underground to Karlsplatz and walked the short distance to Karlskirche. This was built in 1716. It is a high-domed beautiful old church being restored.

From here we walked past Schloss Belvedere to Schloss Oberes Belvedere. We entered through the beautiful French gardens with fountains going up to the castle, now an art gallery. We had coffee...walked through some of the art and out through the front door along past the marigold rimmed front lake down 5 blocks to catch the underground to Prater.

Prater is essentially alarge amusement park. It has the first ferris wheel. It was builtin 1766. Gord had a ride. We walked around, stopped for 'dinner'...potates with thin strips of back bacon, onions, red and yellow peppers and a small salad.

We walked some more. The sun went down. We stopped to watch the Black Mamba preform...not for us. A water slide that wound around a mountain with lots of splashing. I wandered through a glass maze and hall of mirrors. There were lots of high scary rides...some that went high and dropped others that sped up and slowed coming down, roller coasters etc.

It was well after dark when we made our way home.

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