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We finally made it to Union Station in Denver

Interior of Union Station was cool

Bar in Union Station utilizes original ticket window in its decor

Brown Palace Hotel

Brown Palace atrium is impressive

16th Street Pedestrian Mall

Look who's on the $100,000 bill!

Neat thing to do with money

That's a lot of money!

Lots of things to do

Bridge down by the river - neat

16th Street Pedestrian Mall

Note skate board/bicycle ramp on the right of the stairs.


Denver, CO Apparently Amtrak has a reputation for being late. We were delighted, therefore when our train arrived in Omaha a few minutes early. We passengers all piled on, found our respective seats, and settled in for our 12:20 am (yes, that is AM) departure. Then we sat for 1 ½ hours as Amtrak attempted to add another car. The car being added was Union Pacific so, apparently, not all of the connections connected. One of those connections was electrical so we sat for the hour and a half with no power – no lights, no ac, no toilets, and no food services. Quite the start to our adventure. Once we reached Denver, we were able to check into The Brown Palace without issue. Just going to bed to get some sleep was tempting but we headed out instead. We had most of the day to ourselves before the tour officially started so we spent it going through The Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank and exploring the 16th Street mall, walking all the way to the Platte River and back. At the Money Museum, we were given a small bag with shredded currency. The guard said about $165 was shredded to fill each bag. The Denver Branch shreds about $2.2 million every day. The shred is shipped to a recycling company that mixes it with waste products from Coors to create mulch. Imaging treating your garden with shredded money to make it grow! There was also a display of 30 million dollars of $100 bills. Impressive.

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