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Max on the train. We are aaay!

The Rhone in Lyon

Before I got up Sarah popped her head in to say goodbye and wish me fun on my bike ride, before she headed off to school. Beni had left me a farewell note on the kitchen bench wishing me good weather! And Terry accompanied me to the station on her electric bike, which was lovely. What a send off.

Got to Geneva to change trains and lo and behold although I got a hook in the train to hang my bike from, there were no first class carriages ( which is what I had bought and what my ticket said for this particular train...and presumably what I'd paid for !). So no charging my phone and doing much prep for the ride, as I had planned. Oh well.

Got to Lyon and immediately took Max to the bike shop I'd bought him from, to have the bike serviced before starting the ride.

Met David there as he is hiring one of their bikes, then he joined his wife Gracia for some sightseeing, whilst I went to the appartments to leave one of mg panniers.

Joined Gracia and David in town later for dinner. A lovely evening with plenty of laughs

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