the cover of the booklet you're given with purchase of tickets.

The main historical sign.

The little Assembly of God church the Presley's attended is on the...

The move was very recently done...

We watched a 15 minute movie about a typical church service

front of the house which was built by Vernon the dad

back of the house

Front room with bed, all three slept together

the nice lady sitting down will answer all your questions.

kitchen half of the house.

part of a time line which encircles the house.

statue of Elvis at the age of thirteen, they leave Tupelo and...

About Elvis

Backside of previous sign.

close up of info

About Elvis

close up of previous sign.

Rebecca takes a break from all the reading and walking..

neat personal testimony

more neat personal testimony

even more personal testimony

a great story line for the family...

His birth certificate.

More about Elvis.

Elvis return to Tupelo for the fair...

Elvis with his parents.

A few people in the museum...

A car similar to theirs they drove to Memphis.

Good bye Tupelo, hello Memphis

After Elvis we went to Tupelo Main street to see it and...

Guitar art all around town

Guitar art all around town

Guitar art all around town

Guitar art all around town

Guitar art all around town

Guitar art all around town

It's easy to find Elvis' Birthplace from the freeway just follow the signs... We approach from the south side of Tupelo on I-22 and Birthplace signs are at the first exit. When we arrive, there's probably a dozen cars and a tour bus in the parking lot. That's all. for the price of $28, senior discount, we get access to all the stuff! Here's a good time to tell our readers, the two of us really like Elvis' music! We play it often and we play it loud! Along with Beach Boys, Beatles and everyone from the 50's the music is on our listening list...

When one arrives at the Birthplace, you're directed to the museum office to get your tickets. We bought the whole package deal! Elvis ! here we come, duck! While we were still reading the museum plaques, the bus tour had come and long gone down the road back to Memphis. It's a 100 mile drive from Memphis, so you can do both birthplace and Graceland in two days.

Here's the basic info for you, dear reader. Elvis was born in the bedroom/living room of the little two room house you see on the grounds. It had no running water, no bathroom, outhouse only. Originally the house was about 4 blocks away from this location, moved to this site for your pleasure. The church was moved from the 3 blocks way that it was originally. We learned that Elvis' brother, Jessie Caron was born some 35 minutes earlier than he and died. Church and music was a big part of young Elvis' life as he loved singing and later learned to play guitar from his pastor. The family moved to Memphis when Elvis was 13 to give the family, who had fallen on hard times a fresh start. Elvis received his first guitar as a birthday gift from his Mom, purchase at the local hardware store for $7.50 .

Overall, we found Tupelo to be proud of their native son. Downtown is clean and eclectic to be sure, if you like blues or rock there are places for you. We enquired with our Trip Advisor app for a place to eat lunch one of the highest rated was, The 212 Cafe'. Sure enjoyed eating there.

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