Our spot while we visit our kids, water and electric, so far......

View out our front window...

our play area

We have a beer and chill before dipping and cooling off

Look at all the states we've been to since April when we...

First an admission to our readers, Boji is not a real RV park, it's a made up name for our eldest sons home which he has furnished a little parking spot with electricity for us! Lucky us, no more do we have to pay $400 or more per month while we're in the Augusta, GA area. Happy dance !!!

This will be a short visit however, as we have determined to go back up to the NW corner of Alabama and visit the Tiffin Motorhome factory and service center in Red Bay. When we landed in Arley, our last stop, when Rebecca pushed the button for the bedroom slide to go out, it didn't go out correctly. And now it's stuck partially out, but mostly in at an angle.

We spent several days here though, helping with some of the clean up and straighten up of the yard for the kids. We picked up bricks, stepping stones and edging that has lain in bushes for years. But we need them picked up for future landscaping that David and Sarah have planned. We work about two to three hours then rest, then go for pool dipping !

A note, too date we have put on 6,000 miles on the new coach!

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