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Larry and Grace

After coffee and breakfast, we were on our way and looking forward to a good days travel. I had found a little RV park in Kinsley, so that was our goal for the day. None of us had ever heard of Kinsley, but that is part of the adventure. As we passed Garden City we saw a surveyor who was working. Since son Michael is a surveyor, and often works all over the state, I texted him to see if we had just passed him. He said no, he was working in Goddard, just west of Wichita. Since that was the general direction we were going, we made plans to meet for lunch the next day. Anyway, after a lunch stop for us, we pulled in Kinsley and a really nice little RV park. By the time we got set up it was 5 o'clock somewhere, so we enjoyed more of Larry's margueritas before dinner. It was my turn to cook; I fixed chicken picata with lumpy gravy. It was lumpy because, just as I was getting it started, Don and Larry called to me; I had to go outside to look at something right away. When I got out they were both laying on their backs on the picnic table benches looking up at who knew what in the sky. Do you see that they asked? No, I said, what? That star! You brought me out here to look at a star!? Thus, lumpy gravy. But it tasted good.

Distance: 318 uneventful miles

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