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Oh No !!!

Well, we did make it out of the campground on the 18th, but just barely. We had coffee with Sue and Lynette in the morning, then had a long visit by former hosts, Rick and Vicky as we were trying to get things in place. It is amazing how settled in we get when in one place for 5 months! Then we hitched up the 5th wheel to our new truck, which came with a Superglide hitch already in place. We had never used this type of hitch, but did know that it slid forward and back. We were initially concerned about the sides of the trailer hitting the rails of the pickup bed but pulled it out of the campground (around tight turns) with no problems. And so we were on our way (about 3 hours later than planned.) We were to meet Larry and Grace in Southfork. Don was happy with the way the truck pulled and with the workings of the jake brake on the new truck. It wasn't until we swerved in to meet Larry and Grace that we knew there was something entirely different with the new hitch. Bang! and again Bang! When I turned around to look I was horrified to see that the hitch had swiveled around and the trailer had gone the other direction. Panic! Don babied it over to a wide place, where he unhitched the RV. We got the hitch straightened around, braced with some wood, and hitched her back up. Luckily, there was an RV dealership just down the road. We limped in and Miracle of Miracles! they were able to not only diagnose the problem, but solve it for us. We needed a Catchplate, which they installed, and it didn't even cost a small fortune. So, nervously, we started out again. Meanwhile Larry and Grace were having their own problems, with the batteries on their RV and pull behind car. Eventually, we made it in to Walsenburg where we stayed the night at the Lathrop State Park. Grace had prepared green chile stew in advance, which we all enjoyed with Larry's yummy margueritas. He announced that this had set the record for the shortest distance traveled in one day for them.

Distance: 120 miles for Larry and Grace

185 miles for us

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