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This morning I finished moving the rest of my things back into my RV and did a load of last-minute laundry so Wes wouldn’t have to do it this evening. Then I was on my way to Fredericksburg for the Cen-Tex rally.


It was cloudy this morning but we didn’t get any rain. I don’t know for sure what happened or exactly when it happened but, sometime today, there was an electrical surge. When I went to my rig for something later in the day, I discovered that my coach had no power. I checked the breakers and the fuses but nothing seemed amiss. I tried twice to reset my inverter but it wouldn’t work. By then the park office was closed, so there was nothing else I could do until tomorrow. I turned on the propane and set my refrigerator to gas operation.

During happy hour this afternoon I won a Bingo game and selected a very funny book as my prize: “1,000* unforgettable Senior Moments” by Tom …uh…Friedman [*of which we could remember only 246]. It’s surprising what some widely-known people have forgotten, so it gives some hope for us ordinary mortals.

This evening we had dinner at Catfish Haven. I enjoyed their catfish special.

Tonight I slept with my Fantastic fan on, with the air flow switch set to bring in outside air. By bedtime the outside temperature was very pleasant, so I slept well. Brenda had graciously offered her couch for me to sleep on if it was too hot in my rig.


This morning I was at the park office as soon as it opened. I told the clerk about my electrical problem, so she sent Rob over to check it. He discovered that my surge guard had been “fried” so he removed it and plugged my electrical cord directly into the outlet. That cured some of the problem, so I could at least use the air conditioner. However, my inverter still would not work. Rob said that I was the third person who had the same problem.

I called RV Specialists in Austin and left them a message about it and asked for an appointment when I’m back in Austin. In order to use my computer, radio, TV, etc., I'm having to use an extension cord plugged into a regular electrical outlet, with a surge protector plugged into the extension. Now my equipment can be plugged into the surge protector. At least I can use them that way while I wait for the inverter to be repaired/replaced.

This morning our hostess, Ruth Stehling, prepared several kinds of quiche for brunch. As usual, she did a great job. We’re really glad that she likes to cook! She also had decorated the clubroom very nicely in autumn colors.

This afternoon we went to the Visitor Center to catch a trolley (named Betty) for a tour of the historic sites around town. Our tour guide, also named Betty, is a native Fredericksburger who knows a lot about the town’s history. The only thing that was a little disappointing for me is that my camera battery was dead! In any case, there was no time to take photographs, anyway. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the tour very much. Betty and Ruth went to school together. I asked Betty if she knows my distant cousin, Maxie Hoerster. She said that Maxie was her school teacher one year and that she was very nice.

STATS Route: US 290 W to Fredericksburg Total Miles Driven: 79 Weather Conditions: Hot and dry Road Conditions: Mostly good. One section was being striped, so they had traffic stopped for a little while.

RV Park: Oakwood RV Resort Park Conditions: Level pull-through sites, nice large clubrooms with good acoustics

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