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Day 14 - Sunday 24th September

Resisted the temptation to have another swim & sauna before setting off to the town of Narva, right on the border with Russia. The river Narva forms the border between Estonia & Russia at this point and there are imposing forts facing each other on both sides of the river. We would have liked to have gone across & into Russia but the cost of visas ruled this out for us.

We did log a geocache right down by the riverside which we believe is the most Easterly cache in Europe. We also visited the most Easterly McDonald's for good measure plus a coffee & burger.

Leaving Narva we headed West across the top of Estonia to the capital Tallin about 130 miles away. I made a bit of a mistake by setting the SatNav to take the shortest route, I should really have just made our way along the coast instead as the road was a bit monotonous. We did see signs of the ever resent mushroom pickers whenever weasel by forest areas.

Our selected overnight stop was a large car park down by the busy ferry & cruise ship port. Regular ferries leave from here to Sweden & Finland & the Baltic cruise ships call in here too. Twenty four hours parking only costs €6 & it is close to the lovely old town area. We spent what was left of the afternoon wandering around the narrow streets of the historic old town with lots of other visitors. There was a music festival stage set up in the main square so we got to watch some traditional dancing on a lovely sunny afternoon.

It is certainly a lovely old city centre & well worth a visit but outside the centre there is a smart modern city as well. We retreated finally to our little home on the port car park as the sun went down.

Mileage Today - 146

Mileage To Date - 1,950

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