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Carpe Diem at Eagle View RV

Departing Show Low on AZ 260

Fool's Hollow? Must be very crowded...

Weekend traffic in Payson

Lotsa down on AZ 87 southbound
We descend from 7,000' to 1,300' elevation

One lane construction zone on AZ 87

We were happy to see Saguaro cactii again

Sun, 24 Sep: Downhill into the heat...

After a tad longer than a week enjoying the high elevation weather in Show Low, today we headed to the Valley of the Sun, and into the heat. It was 40°F when we awoke and by the time we got parked in Fort McDowell it was in the high eighties. We dropped from 7,000' elevation to 1,300'.

We awoke to a chilly coach and enjoyed some extra "snuggle" time before braving the elements. It was too cold for the heat pump to function (they don't work very well below 45°F) so we relied on our electric space heater. The sun was out so by the time we left we were back in shorts and it was comfy.

After breakfast and getting all ready for the road Sandi got us underway about 0920. We drove thru Show Low on AZ 260 west and soon left the town behind us. The road was very well maintained with numerous turnouts so the faster traffic could get by. We did quite a bit of climbing, and descending which kept us busy.

About 85 miles later we arrived at Payson. We'd never been here before and our "take away" was the miles-long traffic backup to get from AZ 260 to AZ 87 (Beeline Highway) south. We finally made the left turn and continued out of town on AZ 87. Traffic was heavy but once clear of the town's traffic signals it loosened up.

AZ 87 was also hilly with several 6% downgrades that stretched for miles. Our engine compression brake kept us at a safe speed without having to resort to the service brakes. At one point a construction zone reduced the road to one lane, but the backup wasn't all that bad. Guess traveling on a Sunday has its advantages.

Sixty miles south of Payson we arrived at Fort MdDowell and the Eagle View RV.park. We arrived at 1243 and by 1300 we were settled into our full hookup site. We'll be here for a week as we take care of several routine checkups and procedures at the nearby Mayo Clinic. Today's drive was 152 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8¼ mpg.

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