Switzerland 2017 travel blog

Brunnen is our first stop

From here we walk

The river patrol is out today.

The trail is wide and easy.

It has a slight incline.

This street sigh guides our tour director

That would seem to be our objective.

This sign tells us this is where William Tell shot the apple...

Then we realize more is happening then we thought.

The Swiss army is out today.

All the men have to serve in there lifetime.

Lots of gear is present.

And, lots of troops.

Old tree roots.

They have a ceremony.

As, we watch.

These guys don't seem to care much.

Back on board the engin is greased and ready.

The take a lot of pride.

So clean.


Looks like new.

No rust allowed.

A real work of engeneering.


This big horn awaites uo on shore

I think it was some sort of warning divice

Lots of tunnels on the way to our next stop.

Some kind of museum.

Why are there slots cut in the side of this wall.

The secret floor plan for todays visit

These forts were constructed during WWII as a defence.

They had small guns...

communications and other weapons....

a way to call for more supplies...

A place to store their stufff....

and a place to sleep.

The bigger guns were down the hall.

They could cover a lot of territory with this one.

It was hot outside and this fellow did a dive for us.

View from our room in Engelburg.

and the other windows view

A little closer.

Back in town they always seem to we working with cranes.

Mt Titlis it tomorrows destination.

Tonight we sleep.

Mt Titlis will be our first taste of big lifts and the...

We will be taking the lift behind the sign.

Those are the tracks for the cog wheel train.

Our group forms and preforms a buddy check.

Buddy checks make sure everyone is accounted for.

In this fog it's not a bad idea.

It's a steep ride to the top.

Tram cars arrive every few seconds.

Looks like the fag may clear a bit.

Our first look at the rock formations.

Above our arrival point people hope for clear skys.

As we walk around glacier remenants are reveled.

Large counter weights for the lift.

This ice cave leads to the sumit.

The walk is right on the edge so they keep you safe.

An active glacier revel itself on the way across.

Not the most stable walkway.

Hope it holds.

The group moves to the other side.

It is really cold in the wind.

Weather station at the top.

but, it's a long way down.

It feels really safe.


Not many people go there.

It looks like lava.

But it is really cold.

I think this thing has the Webcam we viewed from our room.

Workers are installing rope lines for help with the slippery ice.

Watch out for that edge.

Moving snow & ice is a must up here.


The weather is not getting any better.

The wind is steady.

It's time to get inside for a warm up.

We take time to pose with the cow.

The boys.

The girls.

That's one big crystal.

Two gems in one shot.

The tram system.

Glad I don't have to but the tires for this guy.

Time to head back.

View from the tram.

Rainey afternoon sends us indoors.

One of the few monitor test left.

They are setting up for a silent meal.

Lots of stain glass.




One of the monks quarters.

No digital locks here.

Hallway to the lecture hall.

Ceiling detail


Beautiful floors.

Can't stop looking up.

Symbols everywhere.

The gardens.

Last stop the chaple.

The pipe organ.

The big view.

A few last details before we head back to our room.

Looks like a wet cold night.

We are excited as we head toward our first sites of the rugged Switzerland we have come all this way to see. But first a couple of historic sites to visit on the way. Swiss guns, and cheese await us.

Day 3: Enchanting Bus Travel, Tours and Dinner Engelberg

Our morning drive takes us from Swiss lakes to Swiss Army. At the once-secret Swiss army bunker at Fortress F├╝rigen, we'll see part of the massive defense system designed to keep Switzerland strong and neutral. Afterward, a short drive into the countryside brings us to the charming Alpine village of Engelberg, our picturesque home for the next two days. We'll settle into our lodge then head out for an orientation walk. Our stroll through the village will end at the Engelberg Abbey, a Benedictine monastery with its own cheese-making operation. You'll have free time to wander back before dinner together. Sleep in Engelberg (2 nights). Bus: 1 hr. Walking: light.

Day 4: Peaks of Engelberg Gondola Ride and Half Day Free-Plan Dinner

Nestled between two mountain peaks, Engelberg is the perfect place for an Alpine adventure. We'll begin our day riding Engelberg's unique, rotating gondola all the way up to the snowy 10,000-foot summit of Mount Titlis for breathtaking, panoramic views. The rest of the day is all yours to explore the vast network of Swiss hiking trails, try a traditional Swiss milky whey bath (yes, milky whey), and find a cozy mountain hut offering hearty dinner fare and beautiful views. No bus. Walking: moderate.

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