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Five Islands Provincial Park hike

Amazing what the sea can do to rock

WOW - stunning!!

Art by Mother Nature

Sorry folks, another lighthouse but it sure was pretty

Done with Truro we load up our gear and head out for Five Islands today. A teeny, tiny ooooops by the navigator and after a couple of false starts we end up on the freeway for a few miles – not where we want to be but heading in the right direction! Exiting as soon as we can we end up at the popular Masstown Market. Not exactly what we expected, this market houses a large store with everything from trinkets to groceries. We thought we were at a Farmers Market type venue but we thought wrong, so we enjoyed browsing for a bit.

From here we access the shore road that circles this peninsula where traffic is much lighter and we can dawdle all we want. We stop in Bass River to visit the 3 story general store with all its unique offerings. The onetime home of the Dominion Chair Company, they made quality chairs and school desks for over a hundred years. They were shipped from this tiny town to all of Canada from the early 1900’s. The things you find out when you stop to talk to locals and learn the history of seemingly insignificant places. Who knows, maybe you too carved your initials in one of these desks!

The road continues along the sea and we pull into the Five Islands Oceanside RV Resort. Hank the manager insists we have an oceanfront site and when Donna says we will take a cheaper one inland he gives us the waterfront site at the same price. “I want you to be on the water” says Hank so we agree only to make Hank happy! Okay he was right - it is beautiful as the tide rolls in over the expansive view. Thanks Hank!

The nearby Provincial Park boasts a scenic water view hike so off we go to explore another area of Five Islands. It turns out the provincial government has embellished just slightly as the trail is very steep with just a couple of water glimpses for our efforts. Oh well – you win some and you lose some. Our work out is done for today though so we are happy about that!

On the way home we investigate a couple of side roads which bring us out to private campgrounds overlooking the sea. Wow, what a location! Pick any RV park along here and it seems they all offer spectacular vistas. A little further along, beside a regional park and lighthouse, there is a large area where it appears many folks own a small section of land. The trailers and/or small cabins are on decent sized lots, separated from one another so a bit private, each with a fantastic view of the coastline and beyond. Some of them are grouped together so we imagine a family comes out to spend every summer at their own beachside paradise! It looks cool with all these mini-compounds decorated in each owners taste dotting this large chunk of land right beside the sea. No gates or fences here – our kind of living!

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