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The players look a little smaller from up here.

In our new duds

My favorite pre-game moment is when the band plays Oklahoma!

Nice new scoreboard

Love watching sunset from here.

Sorry about the lack of entries since Albuquerque. I've just been having too much fun to write!

I left Beverly's around 8am on Friday and put in a very solid day of driving to reach Oklahoma City. I think the distance was just over 550 miles so my GPS said 7hrs and 45 minutes. I don't think that included the many construction slow downs, much less bathroom, food, and gasoline stops; nor did it account for the switch to Central time. By the time I arrived in OKC, made it through some rush hour traffic, and adjusted my watch to the proper time zone it read 6:15. We had planned to have dinner at Van's Pig Stand but since I had already indulged in lunch at Braum's (including a double dip of cappuccino chunky chocolate. ...since it was on sale....), we decided to save Van's fir game day.

Suzy and I went out in search of new shirts for game day. She has lost quite a bit of weight and I needed a new shirt "just because"....ha! Seriously I did have a couple very bedraggled OU shirts with me but had only brought my oldest stuff for hiking on days off. I figured the event called for an upgrade. We both made purchases and then spent some time visiting before bed. Then the next thing we knew it was game day! I always love visiting campus but the best days to be there are game days, despite traffic and parking challenges. Neither of those were too bad yesterday.

The game wasn't too nerve-wracking (we won 56-14) so I could relax enough to enjoy watching the band and other festivities. OU made a major renovation to the stadium within the past year and it was nice to see what has been done. Of course every OU team is special but I have never enjoyed watching any player more than Baker Mayfield so I enjoyed getting to see him play. Even though I admit to being able to see the players better on the big screen in my living room, it is fun to be able to watch a play develop on the whole field. That just isn't possible to see from home.

So...Van's Pig Stand, OU football, and an entire day with a lifelong friend. Very special indeed!

This morning after coffee I headed east on I-40. Perhaps one day I will take the time to photograph some historical markers and share information about the land rush or the Trail of Tears, but on this trip I am just ready to be home so you're only getting football pictures. Still...a lot of history in that stadium. Boomer Sooner!

Oh....and I am just outside of Nashville. Only about 500 miles til home.

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