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Overall map of where we are

Parga, our specific location

Nelson saying good Morning

Nelson -- looking for his milk

Our arrival in the area of Parga

The heavily populated beach area

Hotel/ beach row

Stern tieing next to breakwater

Private beach just for Milena

Lunch in front of our beach

Afternoon entertainment

Peach on peach dessert

1. Rock, just in front of the town of Parga

2. around the rock

3. The edge of the rock -- area for local swimming

Looking for a place to dock

Ferry area

Mooring here (dropping anchor)

1. Parga visit: walking toward main square

2. Parga visit: still going toward main square

3. Parga visit: main square

4. Parga visit: main square

5. Parga visit: looking for newspaper

6. Parga visit: little store

7. Parga visit: Shopping street

8. Parga visit: Town square area

Dinner: beef bourguignon

Peach on peach dessert

I was greeted by Nelson this morning, as I went into the salon for breakfast.

. Since I was having my latte and omlette, he was looking longingly at the galley for Marina to Bering him his saucer of milk.

It was very hot, and sticky when we left the port of Preveza this morning, and re-wound our way between the red and green bouys to get back into the open ocean. Our travels along the West coast of mainland Greece took us about 3-1/2 hours before arriving at Parga

. I am also giving you another map, so you can see where we are at closer proximatey.


The area around Parga is really pretty, and very populated. Massive hotels, hugs white sand beach, and all kinds of beach activities.

Jacques picked a perfect spot to drop our anchor and stern tie infront of the Northern edge of the beach, at the breakwall.

. This place just seemed to have the perfect setting -- complete with our own private beach.

. Just as i was thinking that, the groves of populace arrived in pongas, paddle boats, rafts, swimmers, and inner-tubes! Wow! This secluded spot is now carpeted with people, toys and lots of kids. The only thing to do at this point is to have lunch, and pull our

Our "privacy screen", did not see to do us much good from all the various clunkettes of arrives -- who of course, paddled, or swam slowly around Milena so there could all stare and wonder just who we were, and possibly have a glass of wine......

As we were eating our lunch, we witnessed all kinds of entertainment: slalom water skiers, inner-tube pulling, parasailing, and jet skiing. Parga seemed to have everything the tourist, seasoned or otherwise would want.

I had all intentions of joining Marina swimming, when the beach was abandoned, but as I was thinking about putting my suit on Jacques knocked at my door:

"Do you want to go to town, Robin??" He asked so very earnestly.

"Of course!" As I jumped off my bed, picked up my purse, and off we went.

I was totally fascinated with this area.

There were multitudenous boats (pongas) and small ferries, but really not place to tie up a dinghy. Wouldn't it be funny to come this whole way, and not be able to disembark, because there was no place to landl that was not rock, or moss covered. The ladders we saw were designed for big fairies, no place to tie a dinghy to where it would not go either into the rocks, or under the ladders. Jacques was trying so hard to find a place, where I would be comfortable getting off....

" No, Robin.... It is not just you who could not get out of the dinghy -- it is me as well! There is just no place." He said so matter-of-factly. I was not willing to give up -- so we kept looking......

"Look Jacques, over there...." I said point to a small piece of concrete, with tiny ponga type boat tied to it.

"No, Robin... I do not think so.... not safe...." he replied.

"But Jacques, could we try????" I pleaded

"Hmmmmm... ok,,, we try..." as he skillfully maneuvered the dinghy between two really scruffy looking boat.

Whe we get close enough I grabbed the mooring circle on the dock -- Jacques hit the gas a little, and put the front edge of the dinghy on the cement, so I could scramble off, with the mooring line.

I was holding the list, and line for Jacques, but this would Mort be safe enough for the dinghy. He wanted to drop the small anchor off the stern, before handle me the mooring line. I took his hand, and the line, and he, too got off the dinghy, between waves. Whew.

Ok -- not that we are on land -- there was another problem to tackle. The way off this crucked cement structure was two narrow blanks, sitting on top of the uneven rock boulders. Hmmmmmm....

"OK... Jacques I can do this.... It is narrow.... give me your hand, for balance, and you go first....". I firmly asked.

"Ok .. we go slowly...." he said.

Slowly and carefully we walked the double wooden boards, to the top of the cement breakwater wall, and walk do to the metal staircase, and decended into the town of Parga. Whew....

Once on land, I was looking around, and truly loved this tourist ridden town.

It so reminds me of the Amalfi coast it Italy. It was like a poor man's Positano, with its car-less, narrow little streets winding up and around, lined with all kinds of shops.

Jacques was on his mission -- we are going to get a newspaper. I saw so many little shops,like Amalfi or Positano, that I would have loved to go into.......

Shoot, I am thinking ..... I am with Jacques, and the only shopping he goes along with is "supplies for Milena". Tourist shopping just isn't his thing -- so since I am with him..... it is not mine either..... shoot.

We had a hard time maneuvering amongst the 100's of people..... but luckily we found "le Monde" newspaper, so our mission was complete. We wondered back to the main square....

"Robin, would you like a beer or something??" Jacques asked.

"I would love something.... but if I have to walk the planks (or boards again), I better not. I would be more than happy to buy you a beer, tho..". I said

"No.... I buy...", we sat down at a table in the town square and head one large beer, and one small coke>, as Jacques ordered. She brought back a LARGE beer for Jacques, and a very narrow, small Coca Cola for me.

As Jacques read his newspaper, I had a ball just "people watching".

As it was starting to get dark, we scurried back to the dinghy, crossing the planks/wood boards as carefully and quickly as possible. Once at the dinghy, Jacques stumbled into it just a gracefully as I did -- but we were now once again safe -- and on our way bar to a quick cocktail and the most wonderful beef bourguignon and mashed potatos.

. The special peach dessert, ended this meal with total perfection.


After dinner drinks, coffee and Hollywood at the movies, had Marina and I glued to the screen in the stern, as we had chosen a thriller. We were not disappointed.

Bon nuit.....



Olive groves, orange trees, stretches of golden sand and sapphire sea… a Greek island paradise? Close. Parga is on the northwest mainland of Greece and is beloved for its gorgeous beaches and laid-back atmosphere ...

Parga is a lovely town in western Greece with vivid island style. Constructed along the slopes of a hill, it is surrounded by lush greenery and blue sea. Lovely two-storey mansions with colorful walls are built on the slopes of the hill around the port and create a picturesque atmosphere. On top of the hill above the port are the ruins of an old Venetian Castle. Valtos and Lichnos are the most beautiful beaches in the region. Holidays in Parga can be combined with trips to other beautiful places, like Sivota, Preveza or Lefkada island. Source: www.greeka.com

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