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We explored Perry/ Warner-Robins, Georgia which all run together. Warner-Robins is a busy place, because of the Air Force base, with every kind of store, restaurant, and service you could ever need. Actually, I figured out that Perry is a suburb of Warner-Robins, which is a suburb of Macon, which is a suburb of Atlanta. It’s all developed and all runs together. There was another Wal-Mart trip that day, bringing us to 12 total visits for this blog. No, wait, we went again, #13, in Bushnell, for a case of water and ice, but there was no ice. We stayed another day because I-75 was backed up southbound and according to Gas Buddy, about half of the stations were out of gas. We left Perry on Thursday to go to Bushnell, so now we’ll be home on Friday. Damage report and conclusions to follow.

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