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Preveza map (day #2)

Drying out the sails, which are still wet from the storm

m/y SEALION (Fedship, classic, 102ft)

m/y SEALION (102 ft) from the bow

s/y MILENA (85.5 feet)

Jacques on a park bench

1. Walking Preveza tour (apartment)

2.. Walking Preveza tour Clock tower alley

3. Walking Preveza tour. (Shopping street)

4. Walking Preveza tour Streets/alleys

5, Walking Preveza tour Streets/alleys

6. Walking Preveza tour Streets/alleys

7. Walking tour - 2nd half of shopping street

8.. Walking tour - 2nd half of shopping street

G/T time

Dinner: roast leg of lamb with ratatouille

Yogurt peach melba

ROCK.IT (198 feet) owned by Jimmy John's

Good morning to our second day in Preveza. Jacques and Marina had a lot of things to do today, so an extra here is necessary.

. Obviously this is still our map, and we will not change until tomorrow. When going topside, I was surprised to see three sails pread out all ovewr the deck.

"Still very wet from the storm, 1 week before." Jacques said, as I learned quizzically at the sail piles.

To my utter surprise, I looked off our starboard side, and saw a large, classic Fed. Ship moored sideways against the pier. SEALION: This boat was very familiar to Jacques. He and Marina have both been inside many times. Jacques used to know the former skipper of this yacht, when it was owned by an Italian.


Of NOTE: the Buckners and I saw another very large Fed Ship while we were in Nassau, having dinner at NOBU.


Jimmy John Liautaud - Yacht Yacht Name: Rock.it - Yacht Length: 60 m (198 ft) - Guests: 10 in 5 cabins - Crew: 13 in 6 cabins - Yacht Value: US$ 100 million - Owner: Jimmy John Liautaud - Liautaud Net Worth: US$ 1 billion - Owners Company: Jimmy John's - Owners Country: USA


As superyacht brands go, the Feadship name has long been synonymous with quality, excellence and meticulous attention to detail. To own a new Feadship yacht may be a badge of prestige, but to own a classic Feadship is to have a piece of superyacht history. Each has its own story and a share in the DNA that has made Feadship what it is today.

Feadship itself started off as an export association (the name Feadship is derived from First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders) although its boat-building credentials stretch back into the 19th century through its early member yards, among them de Vries and van Lent. Its stated goal was ‘to promote the export of luxury craft to the United States of America’, and up until 1973 a ‘Feadship’ was still defined as a yacht sold to an American owner. The year was 1949 and post-war Europe had little appetite for luxury yachts, so this group of far-sighted Dutch builders – and naval architect HW de Voogt – looked to America for salvation.

Feadship introduced itself to America at the New York Boat Show in 1951 with just three small boats, but managed to impress with its ‘traditional Dutch craftsmanship’. Americans were amazed by their yachts’ quality and finish, and the fact that they were made of steel (almost unheard of in America at that time) – but it was Feadship’s ability and willingness to react to the demands of the American market that was pivotal to its success.

Today I walked around to see the life in this what seemed small, and now very large, with all kinds of layers that I will not have time to discover. The first thing I found of interest was Jacques sitting on a park bench,waiting for Marina, so they could go shopping again,

I began my walk by going to the grocery store with Jacques and Marina.... after but a few seconds there, I decided there are more places that would be much more interesting.

This is a neat place with a really classic shopping street. Unfortunately I did not find anything I wanted to buy, but nail polish. Last of the big time spenders. Armed with my nail polish, I returned to Milena for G/T time with Jacques and Marina.

Marina was all excited when she saw me.

"So what did you buy?? Show me!! I would love to see!!"

I giggled, and brought our my nail polish, file, and Voltaran muscle gel.

"Yes, in deed, these are my treasures from Preveza", I said trying so hard not to be giggling too much.

"Oh..... that's nice...." she said very disappointed, and went back to the galley to help Jacques, and set up our cocktails.

. Still giggling over my purchased treasures, I played bartender for my dynamic duo. Jacques, as has become his norm, spent most of the cocktail hour running up/down the staircase, checking on our dinner. Before we knew it, Marina and I had to leave the table, so Mehmet could set up the table. When I returned to the table, there was Jacques, who had just put his beautiful roasted Leg of Lamb, with whole garlic cloves, and ratatouille on the table.

OMG! Yet another out of this world taste sensation! Marina was in charge of the dessert -- she had something different she wanted Jacques and I to try. People ach yogurt ice, with fresh nectarines.

. OMG! Yet another over the top yummy for my sweet tooth!

Marina's and my favorite time of day comes next. Coffee, drinks and a movie. Both of us were glued to our seats as we marveled at something called "The Duchess". Well worth seeing, whenever you get a chance.

Totally hung-up and wired, by this movie, I found it harder to go to sleep, even in the comforts of my topside bed, nestled under a warn douvet.

Bon Nuit......



101.71ft /31m | Hakvoort | 1992 / 2008

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The 101.71ft /31m motor yacht, custom built in 1992 by Hakvoort and last refitted in 2008. Her elegant exterior and interior styling are the work of Pieter Beeldsnijder Design, who is also responsible for her engineering.


Sealion's interior layout sleeps up to 8 guests in 4 rooms, including a master suite, 1 double cabin and 2 twin cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 6 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

Sealion's impressive leisure and entertainment facilities make her the ideal charter yacht for socialising and entertaining with family and friends.


She is built with Steel hull and Aluminium superstructure. With a cruising speed of 10 knots, a maximum speed of 13 knots and a range of 5,000nm from her 27,000litre fuel tanks, she is the perfect combination of performance and luxury.


Air Conditioning, WiFi connection on board


Sealion is currently available for charter, to find out more about this superyacht please contact your preferred charter broker.

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