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Right now, each morning during the week our lives are pretty much the same. However, today I learned something new about my radiation therapy. You may wish to skip the next part of this. Just go on down about three paragraphs and pick up after that.

I was on the table with the scan going and expecting to hear a click and a hum when the machine went from scan mode to shooting radiation beams at me. Instead all I heard was silence. I then heard a “ding” sound which signals someone entering the room. Oh oh I thought, I must need to drink more water. Wrong!

The technician asked me if I could go to the bathroom for a bowel movement. I answered yes but was hoping to wait until the therapy session was over.

It appears that when you have this type of radiation they prefer that your bowel is empty while they want the bladder to be full. That is hard to do. In any case, after a trip to the bathroom we were able to continue and I was soon finished. Nine down and only thirty more to go. Well, that was a pretty crappy way to start a journal entry. Pun intended. Sorry about that.

Marilyn & I drove off to Palmyra for my appointment with the Chiropractor and after that we went to lunch at “Hats”. On Fridays they have a buffet with catfish fillets. As we entered the restaurant we noticed a longtime friend, named Phil, from Monroe City. We invited him to sit with us and he did, so we spent the next 45 minutes catching up with what is going on in our respective lives. That was really great.

We made a stop on the way home to pick up a few groceries and pondered going to the theater to see a movie. We instead voted to stay home and relax so that is just what we did.

Life is Good!

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