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Drinking wine from a spout is not as easy as it looks!

One of the giants in a procession at a mountain town

The church at Uldimollins

Brian Judit and Emilio- note Judit's maori carving

Up and away by 0930 today to stay a night in Uldimollins with Judits'parents. They want to meet the people who she stayed with in New Zealand. Enroute we visited a village that produces expensive wines, catching another parade of giants. Checked out an olive pressing store and tried a few samples of award winning olive oil. Then walked through a very old monastary before arriving at the home of Mantse and Luis where lunch awaited us. I know I talk a lot about food but this was something special- a banquet!

First course was dishes of nibbles- peppers, squid , croquettes, clams, salami, cheese and prawns. Second course- homemade canneloni stuffed with minced wild pork shot by Judits'father Luis. 3rd- tenbder veal slices, fresh beans cooked with bacon, and roast chunks of potatoes. Last- creme de caramel and icecream. Whew!

To begin we drank an aparetif- vermouth with soda, then a white and red wine, lastly a fresh sparkling wine. To end it all- a type of light doughnut and coffee. After that we needed a walk through the village and a siesta. In the evening we went with Judit to the celebration of 80 years of her school.

This area is known for a special red wine called priorata. The vines are grown in very dry rocky soil on terraces, which produces a very intense red wine- also very expensive.

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