Crossing the Columbia River heading to Washington...

Washington State line..

Checking out our 2014 Honda CRV...

Ray showing Jerry how the tow set up works..

The sun setting over Alsea Bay..

Jerry took this wowser picture of the sun...

Last one!

We had a great day today. We have been looking for a new Honda for the last few months. We wanted one that already had the tow equipment on it so we didn’t have to have it all installed on the new one. We finally found the perfect car in Vancouver, Washington and picked it up today. Yippee!

It had $4,000 worth of tow equipment that looks way better than what we had on our old Honda. It is a 2014 CRV. We were going to buy a newer model, we found out that 2014 was the last year they made Hondas that could be towed with the motorhome. They changed the transmissions on the newer models. It is in great condition and had very low mileage.

We rented a car and drove to pick it up so we could drive back together. We parked our old Honda at the car rental with a “For Sale” sign on it, we got a call on our way to Washington and sold it the same day we bought ours, how cool is that!

I know I have been lazy about doing updates lately, we have been in car fever for weeks. I am adding a few pictures taken on the drive and some of the beautiful sunsets back in Alsea Bay and hope you enjoy. We will be leaving Oregon in a couple of weeks making our way to Nevada. Check back later for more from Oregon and Nevada.

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