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Our map of travel today

Ferry heading to Corfu

Rock: note the huge hole, with the cruise ship behind

Preveza, channel entrance

The ship yard. Note the blue crane. Can lift MILENA

Entry in the harbor

1. Angrily shouting skipper wanting us to move

2. Angrily shouting skipper wanting us to move

3. Angrily shouting skipper, now picked his spot -- Milena is mooring...

Crepe preparation (thanks to David and Skyler)

The table is set

Luncheon is served

Looking down the harbor from our moorage

Walking thru town looking for a dinner spot

Scattered little bars everywhere

Down restaurant lined alley

Our Dinner location

Looking toward clock tower from our dinner table

The shopping streets of Preveza

looking down restaurant alley from our table

Just us impatiently waiting for dinner

Today we began our journey at 7:00a.m. The earliest for this year, so far. We have spent the last month cruising in the lower part of the Ionian, just North of the Western entrance of the Gulf of Corinth. Some of the places are repeated from previous trips, while other areas have been new and will be added to my "favorites in the Ionian".


Note: Before going further, this is just an FYI for the future voyages of MILENA.

The first, and most important

Is: Milena will NEVER return to TURKEY!! All my Turkish memories are now to be encapsulated with a huge heart!!! Even mentioning Turkey to Jacques, he becomes angry, and waves his hands wildly in the air :-(.

Secondly, Milena never return to the Aegean side of Greece!! All the greek islands, as well as my favorite Dodecanese isles, are also to be just a huge memory of love!! The Agean side of Greece brings tears to all of our eyes. This is much too difficult to try and put in the past, as a never again. The three of us have talked, and found that we are truly so grateful for every second we have been in this part of the world, with Millie. No one can take those years away from us!!!!!! :-(

Thirdly, and this is just an educated assumption on my part. Jacques and Milena will be in Greece for the 2018 season -- but on the Ionian side ONLY. At the conclusion of my charter next year, I am sailing back with Milena to France, where she will once again winter at Vieux Port, Cannes. Jacques and Marina are mentioning "sell", and they have found an English broker, whom both of them like. When it is time, the man will be given the honor and privilege of selling MILENA from the Southern part of England

Lastly, Depending how long it takes Millie to be sold, and just when Jacques can "tear out this part of his heart", will depend on the future of the three of us on the magnificent yacht, which has been a part of my life for 40 years in 2018. Jacques bought Milena in 1974 -- so he has length of years associated with Millie 4 years longer (44 years). Should he still own Milena in two years -- then his charter area will be in the area of the Mediterranean that includes France and Italy, only.

Wow this is so much for me to swallow, and try and comprehend..... I can not imagine what Jacques and Marina must be going through. TOO HARD TO CONTINUE THINKING ABOUT..... MUST CHANGE THE SUBJECT BACK TO THE PRESENT.............


Meanwhile back to our journey Northward, and our slow return to Corfu. Today is the 14th -- Jacques wants to be back in Corfu (Gouvia Marina) by Sept. 21. He must do a bunch of paperwork to get Mehmet back to Turkey.

So I am down to my last week of free sailing for this calendar year.

As we were rolling side to side Northward, I saw a huge cruise ship heading North also -- guess he is going to Corfu

. In looking at the map, Lefkas, where we have cruised all around the East side of for the last couple of weeks, is now on the Eastside of our travels. There is a small bridge opening in Lefkad, which we saw, that would take us directly into the channel to Preveza..... but it is much too small for us to utilize from Lefkada,which would be shorter than going to full length of Lefkas, before heading Eastward into Preveza. Out in the open water, I saw this HUGE rock with a hole in it


By 2:30pm, we had rounded the corner, and were heading East, and wanting to look for channel makers to take us into the port of Preveza.

. It is at this shipyard that Jacques will have Milena pulled out of the water for about 6 weeks to be worked on -- beginning in April. Gouvia marina does not have the big blue cranes that are necessary to pull Milena out of the water. We cleared the channel very well, with Marina on the bow with binoculars (looking for markers) and Jacques at the helm. We could not see the harbor and we ready to begin out docking proceedure.

. It was at this point, that the smaller black sailboat we followed thru the channel, was not all over both side of the harbor trying to find the perfect spot. He had three places picked out. We were trying to give him plenty of space, and time, but he kept going back and forth -- dropping his anchor, setting up, then pulling his anchor out, and moving to another spot. We finally said to heck with trying to figure out this where this ignorant bareboat was was going, and proceeded to pick our spot at the opposite end of the harbor. All was well and fine, until we Werner backing into our slip -- the black boat skipper stared yelling/screaming...

"Mine -- do not go!! Stop!! NO NO NO NO!!!!"

Jacques yelled back:

"You have three spots already picked out.... what more do you want".....??


"We go out and come back, RUDE MAN!!!!" He screamed at Jacques.

Jacques waved his hands, yelled more French words, and we continued our maneuver. We were in, as the blackboat was still trying to successfully find a landing. The only he finally picked, he touched his port side neighbor -- then stated to yell at him.

Good Ridance ..... I truly have never seen so many bareboat charter captains with such volital tempers. It is their inexperience around what they are doing that makes them behave this way, I am sure.

Meanwhile, Marina has now become the professional crepe maker. She accredits her skills to David and Skyler, who had crepes for breakfast every day they were on board. David and Skyler Marina thanks you both every time she makes a crepe.

The luncheon table is now set

Lunchtime feta crepes:


Having stuffed. Ourselves once against .... siesta was a welcome recovery time. Me? I wasn't tired, so I read, and played games. I thought about exploring Preveza, but the afternoon sun was hot (94 degrees) and there was no air, or breeze. Best stay on the boat, and inside.

I wanted to enjoy dinner ashore tonight, giving relief again from the cooking for both Jacques and Marina.

Just before we took our walk into the town.... I took a picture of the sunset over the harbor.

The three of us guzzled down a quick drink, before walking into town, looking for the perfect place to eat..


. When we finally got our dinners, Jacques and Marina loved their fish -- and hardly had enough left to bring home to Nelson. Mine dinner? Ugh! I ordered pancetta, and got to Bony sticks, charred with notthing but slivers of tough meat, fat and BONES! AWFUL!

Back on the boat, we have our after dinner drinks, coffee, and watched the last half of a movie we started last night.

Slightly cold, so sleeping with a douvet, all was perfect.


PREVEZA (Greek: Πρέβεζα)

is a town in the region of Epirus, northwestern Greece, located at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. It is the capital of the regional unit of Preveza, which is part of the region of Epirus. The Aktio-Preveza Immersed Tunnel, the first and so far only undersea tunnel in Greece, was completed in 2002 and connects Preveza to Aktio in western Acarnania in the region of Aetolia-Acarnania. The ruins of the ancient city of Nicopolis lie 7 kilometres (4 miles) north of the city.

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