Where in the world are Wayne and Donna heading now travel blog

you guys might not get the thrill out of these photos that...

but it was kinda cool seeing the boats on the bottom of...

and within about 20 minutes the water was already up to this...

and then in about another 30 minutes it was floating

betch'all wish you were here watching this with us!!!

not a great photo of downtown Wolfville so you will just have...

A slowish start to the day but by noon we are at Halls Harbour to witness the huge tides in action. This harbour is located in a very narrow steep gorge with a tiny stream running to the sea and the boats are sitting on the mud when we arrive. Our timing is perfect as in the next 90 minutes we watch as the expansive beach at the mouth of the harbour disappears so quickly you feel like you are watching time-lapse photography. The harbour bottom quickly fills and you can watch the stream flow stop as the tidal flow pushes deeper up stream into the harbour. We eat lunch sitting at a patio and watch as the water rises and the boats are all soon afloat. People had told us that the tide rises fast but we had no idea what that actually meant – they mean FAST. Way, way faster than it does at home, for sure. It doesn’t creep in or up like we know – it rushes in with quite a bit of almost force behind it. It is really quite a sight and we leave glad we were able to witness it.

The rest of the afternoon is spent visiting local wineries who are doing a brisk business on a sunny Sunday. We also visit a very nice cider shop in Wolfville with several varieties of cider. The friendly staff are only too happy to let you sample their wares and we are very impressed with the whole setup.

It is so nice when we hit the campsite that we are inspired to jog some of the Grand Pre dyke roads and it feels good to be working out in the sun. Our cooldown entails walking down the little lanes nearby checking out the tiny summer cabins strew along the sea shore here. What a pretty part of the world!

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