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The Fuggerei

The beautiful cathedral

The botanical gardens

The Japanese garden

As part of our route down to visit the famous castles in the sky we decided to stop for a night in Augsburg as it was on the way. The city is quite small although bigger than most on the romantic road. Our first impressions were of a pleasant city as we walked to our Airbnb.

Unfortunately for us the bad weather had finally caught up with us and seeing as it was raining all afternoon we decided to make the most of the washing facilities and wash basically all our clothes. It had been a while and we were at the point of debating whether or not to start turning out underwear inside out and wear them again!

The next day we headed out into the city in the still crappy weather. We visited the Fuggerei which is the world's oldest social settlement, dating back to the 1500's when the Fuggerei family had vast wealth and set up the commune type mini town to help poor Catholic people. It is still functioning today and the people who live there still pay the same rent at they did over 500 years ago at a mere 88 cents per year! We also visited a WWII bunker in the Fuggerei which was used when the British and Americans bombed the city of Augsburg. After this we visited the beautiful Augsburg cathedral which was absolutely massive. We then decided to head for the botanical gardens. Despite the rain they were amazing and even included a Japanese themed section which was both beautiful and tranquil.

We then headed back to the train station to begin our 2 hour journey to the tiny village of Fussen from which we would visit the castles.

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