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Another rainy day and only 50 degrees!

Our passports were stamped when we left Slovenia a week ago and entered Croatia. When we crossed through Bosnia they were never stamped that we left Croatia or entered Bosnia but stamped upon entering Croatia when leaving Bosnia (never an entrance or exit stamp for Bosnia). On returning north no stamps on the pass through Bosnia. As we got to the Slovenia border there was no stamp for leaving Croatia but one for entering Slovenia! Because the line for all passports was long, we went in the EU line.So according to our passports we never left Croatia. At the border, we did see a car being searched. Small car with a family of small children, packed full. Boxes were being ripped opened. Asked Brando about this. Looking for drugs and smuggling. Albanians are known for this and so they will often get checked.

Passing through an area with small villages all with a church on the top of the hill or in the center of the village. Interesting that often times there is a village on echo side of the highway and the churches seem to be a mirror image of each other.

Our first stop was at Postojna to visit one of the largest caves in Europe, 21 kilometers long. We able to see about 4km of it. Half of it was by a small electric train and then we walked around the "most beautiful" part. It was a huge cave and there were many, many formations. We went into 3 sections, the spaghetti section (don't know why it has this name), the red section and the white section.

We also kept seeing all these things about the man fish and were wondering what it was. It's a salamander and they have 21 of them living in an aquarium in the cave.

Next we headed to Predjama Castle. It is built into a cave 123 meters above a small stream. It was thought to have been used as a hunting castle or by thieves to rob hunters of their pelts as they traveled through the area. There are many tunnels around the castle that you can explore. Brando said they only thing they know for sure about the rooms are the kitchen and chapel. The other things that have been added are not consistent with history... a large bedroom with a bed or a display with a baby as no young children would have been brought here. It was a unique castle.

We headed to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and largest city.

We took the funicular to the castle hill and the largest building in town, the castle. It was once used as a prison. There has been so much restoration with new materials that it is not very impressive, except when seen from the bottom of the hill. There was a tower with spectra views of the city, but because of the rainy, cloudy weather it was closed. We walked around the old town with it's several churches, market square, the Three Bridges and the Dragon bridge and many of the other buildings. Another unique medieval city center.

We had a delicious pasta dinner at AS, the restaurant recommended by Brando. The only problem is that we left our umbrellas in the umbrella basket and when we left someone had taken one of ours! Dinner was followed by... if you guess gelato, you are correct!

Because we are only about 12km from Broncos home, he got to have dinner and spend the night with his family!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but only 48 degrees in the morning! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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